Featured Favorite Print – Whales’ Tails

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1. What inspired this print?
These cute whales riding in the waves are inspired by a boat trip I took to the tip of Cape Cod to do some whale watching. We kept an eye out for whale tails and blowholes!

2. How did you come up with its name?
It’s named for the flipping tails that you sit quietly waiting to catch a glimpse of popping out of the water…. Of course that’s the obvious one, but shhhh…. it’s also the name of a fun game the 21 & over members of my family like to play in the summertime at the beach, as we sit in our chairs, cocktails in hand and feet buried in the sand, and watch the sun go down!

3. What secrets are hidden?
Lilly is hidden in the blowholes between the whales, waves and bubbles.

4.What materials did you use or combine to create the artwork?
I drew this one with Tria markers and micron pens to get a more detailed line of waves and dots.

5. What does this print say about the Lilly girl wearing it?
She loves the Nantucket whales that take her back to some of her best memories of Summer. She also loves a nautical stripe done in a truly Lilly, whimsical way rather than a plain old stripe because she’s a Lilly girl, after all and she’s just way more FUN than that!

Barbra Ignatiev

Posted on July 16th, 2012 at 12:45pm

I always love reading the stories about the designer’s inspiration and would love to see more videos of “how they were made”. Love this one!