Trend Tuesday: Print Mixing

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Shop this look: Audrey Top & Clover Skirt

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Introducing the Lilly Pulitzer Towson Town Center team!

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We are a little over a week from opening our doors at our newest retail location, Lilly Pulitzer Towson Town Center!  The print designers are at the store right now getting her all pretty, printed & painted & you can follow the store’s transformation on Instagram!  Our store managers always talk about how much they love their customers so we like to help them get to know you even before the store opens.  Here are some fun things you should know about our Lilly-loving management team & what they’re looking forward to about bringing Lilly to Baltimore, Maryland…

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Introducing the Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Reps!

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After reading over 2,000 applications, we have finally chosen our fourteen Sorority Reps to be part of our Greek Ambassador Program!  These girls come from all over the country and have some serious LOVE for Lilly and their sorority!  Get excited to hear from them about our Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Collection!  Without further ado, meet our new Sorority Reps!

Congratulations to the new members of our Greek Ambassador Program and thanks again to everyone who applied!

In the Guest House with Rachel McGinn of Gray’s Lane

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AHHH I am so excited today to be interviewing one of my best friends and a LILLY PULITZER alumnae – Rachel McGinn. Rachel worked with Lilly in our marketing department, most specifically on our gorgeous catalog. Rachel left the company a little while ago to focus on her photography career and has since launched an online magazine called Gray’s Lane. It is breathtaking, inspiring and CHIC. Last week, I played hooky on Friday afternoon and Rachel and I met at our swim club for lunch and SUN (heaven) and here’s what we chatted about…

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Lilly Pulitzer heads to Canada!

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Lilly has officially crossed the border! Island View is the newest member of the Signature Store family in Muskoka, Canada and is also the first Signature Store in Canada EVER! Muskoka, Ontario (close to Toronto) was named as the #1 Summer Destination by National Geographic (perfect, right?!) and is known as “cottage country” to its visitors. People come from all over Canada to relax and enjoy the town’s many gorgeous lakes and we don’t blame them! It’s so beautiful we’re considering moving there ourselves! Muskoka and the new Island View store is a match made in a Lilly Lover’s heaven.

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In the Guest House with Kiel James Patrick

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Adding some charm to our Guest House this Summer is Kiel James Patrick, founder & chief-designer of the popular Kiel James Patrick brand.  We heard the buzz about KJP from friends a few Summers ago and watched the brand blossom – we were then delighted to see Kiel at Lilly Pulitzer’s 80th Birthday Party! (see the photo below) We fell in love with his designs and the story behind his brand and have since found one of our newest favorite fashion bloggers- Sarah Vickers (Classy Girls Wear Pearls).  For now, learn all about Kiel James Patrick, but make sure to check back on Thursday to enter to win 1 of 2 one-of-a-kind KJP knot bracelets handcrafted using Lilly fabric!

1. Tell us about how Kiel James Patrick (the company :) ) got started.

Just a twinkle in my parents eyes during their trip to…. oh… wait…  how the company got started… right…  My interest in fashion sparked in high school selling outrageous patterned blazers and pants out of the trunk of my Jeep.  The school cracked down on dress code once I had half my classmates strolling the halls like we were at the Caddy Shack country club.  I then redirected my efforts to create eye-catching ties, belts and bracelets that could be worn to class under the uniform, in order to keep pushing the dress code beyond its limits.  Once I was out of high school, Sarah and I decided to take my designs to the streets.  We worked for several weeks at a time, making hundreds of bracelets to start selling all Summer long at Crafters Markets in Cape Cod.  To our surprise we sold out of our bracelet stockpile in ONE day and the rest is history [in the making].

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Capri, Italy Inspiration Trip

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Last month, I had the GLORIOUS assignment to jet-off to Capri, Italy for a week to get inspiration for next Summer’s shoe and bag collection. It was… as good as it sounds. A-MAZING. Heaven. Perfect. A Dream.

I packed my bags and was off with a suitcase full of Lilly sundresses, McKims and a couple bikinis. The best part? I packed my boyfriend too. I did! He was just too adorable to leave behind and SOMEONE needed to take the pictures of all the shoes/bags/colors/trends I was eying! I was too busy roaming the streets with a gelato – no spare hands for snapping images of the resort chic trends! I’m not revealing his name so let’s just refer to the BF as Paradise.

So Paradise and I arrived in Rome…
Took a taxi to the train station.
Train to Naples.
Taxi to the marina.
Ferry to Capri.
Funocalare up the cliffs to the gorgeous piazza of Capri.
Quite a journey but every mode of transportation we took was part of the adventure! (Thank goodness Paradise has a great sense of direction or else I would still be in the Rome baggage claim).

So why Capri? Well since the 50′s, Capri has been a destination for the resort chic traveler. Lilly told me that some summers she would go and spend a month on the island and her kids would run around “like wild Indians.” Lilly’s friend Jacqueline Kennedy was also a frequent visitor to Capri and she spent lots of her time there…shoe shopping! Around 1946-ish tiny sandal shops popped up in Capri and over the years it has become widely known as ‘the place’ to get the chicest handmade sandals. You pick your footbed (flat or wedge) choose from hundreds of embellished straps, they measure your foot and VOILA, Capri Sandals! I saw the most glamorous Grecian sandals by day and the hiiiiiighest of high wedges at night. I saw neon, which is no surprise….but more importantly I saw hints of the PASTEL COLORS that are about to flood the market. Trend watch: soft sorbets are coming. Hooray! We love our cashmere in pastels. So pretty!

As if that wasn’t enough, Capri is also known for its red coral…which is sooooooo beautiful and bonus- there are jewelry stores EVERYWHERE – I was definitely in my element. I spent days shopping, browsing and observing – and taking LOTS of pictures!! (at least one of us did)

I also managed to have some pretty spectacular adventures. We walked down an INSANE cliff to a rocky beach and swam in the Mediterranean. Took a day trip to Sorrento (the most picturesque Italian town) for – you guessed it – shoe shopping. Made a wish under the Faraglioni rocks, sealed with a kiss. Drank wine. Ate the best pizza I have ever had in-my-entire-life. Nibbled on octopus which…well let’s just say I didn’t loooove as much as the pizza. Dove off a boat into the sea and swam near cliffs where the red coral grows. Had a very romantic dinner in a lemon grove, sitting right under the trees surrounded by twinkling lights. Magical is the word I’d use to describe it all.

As you all know I am incredibly sentimental. I believe that it’s up to you to happen to life, not let it happen to you…and this trip was one of those moments. I am so lucky that I got to experience everything that Capri has to offer and my mind is racing a million miles an hour with ways to incorporate the resort chic feel of Capri into new designs for our upcoming accessory collections. I promise they will be spectacular and will make you feel like you’re in Capri with me!

xx, Janie

Garnet Hill + Lilly Pulitzer Dream Dorm Room Pinterest Contest

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SHOP the Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection from Garnet Hill

Hi! It’s Caroline here- Lilly’s Social Media Intern for the Summer!  Three years ago (ahh seems like yesterday!) when I left to go to college at SMU, I was excited for everything- new friends, a big city, fraternities & sororities (no parents- woo!), warm weather and more.  That is everything except for the 190-square-foot “cell” that was going to be my new home.  Sure, I was in the dorm that was newly renovated and had an awesome view of the pool, but in the end, a dorm room IS a dorm room.  Having an obsession with everything pink and green and Lilly, I was determined to make sure I was going to study in style!  Sadly, I moved in pre-Garnet Hill/Lilly Pulitzer collection, so I was forced to get crafty with Lilly fabric and lots of monogram decals (my California roommate was sooo confused why I had my initials on everything- did I like think someone would steal my things??)  I can only imagine the level of Lilly love I could have taken my room to if the Garnet Hill/Lilly Pulitzer Home collection had already launched.  Lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine and you can get designing today!  Contest info below…

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Lilly Pulitzer Agendas – An Inside Look

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SHOP Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

Lilly Pulitzer agendas make planning for everything in your life almost as fun as the events themselves!  We know a lot of you were interested in seeing the inside of some of our agendas so we’re happy to share those with you now.  Each of our agendas feature two pockets in the front, a section called “Dates to Celebrate” (don’t forget Nana’s birthday!), a “Reasons to Celebrate” page listing out all the 2013 holidays, and a section for important phone numbers & addresses.  All the agendas, except for the Soft Cover Monthly planner, feature 18 months and a page of stickers as well.

Our Jumbo, Large, Soft Cover and Small Agendas feature weekly detail pages and monthly at-a-glance calendar pages for each month – all in different Lilly Pulitzer prints.  The Jumbo Agendas (shipping later this month) are not pictured here but have the same calendar features as the agendas shown below:

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Featured Favorite Print – Whales’ Tails

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SHOP Whales’ Tails

1. What inspired this print?
These cute whales riding in the waves are inspired by a boat trip I took to the tip of Cape Cod to do some whale watching. We kept an eye out for whale tails and blowholes!

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