Celebrating YOU & Summer on National Wear Your Lilly Day!

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Yesterday was National Wear Your Lilly Day- the chicest holiday of the year!  We LOVE celebrating the start of our favorite season by getting decked out in our favorite Lilly.  Although Lilly Lovers never need an excuse to throw a party, we love to toast our lighthearted lifestyle and the continuously sunny days to come!  For us, wearing Lilly is not only a sign of Summer- it’s also a sign of something special – this really rang true yesterday when I saw all the amazing pictures you all posted.  It’s pretty incredible, and I can’t think of another brand that has this same MAGIC. In the Pink Palace, we call it Pixie Dust. It is ONE of the many reasons I love my job (ok ok, the parties are another)

Our dresses are exquisite and unique… perfect for celebrating your most special moments (your best friend’s wedding like Holly above!) and creating lasting memories.  Just like your memories of the exact cake your Mom would make you every birthday when you were little (4 tiered banana bread with chocolate frosting for me), the SMELL of your Dad (Hermes), or the sound of your brother running up the stairs as he chased you (I ran like hell…), Lilly girls remember their special occasions by what they WORE.

Like the first time you wore Lilly (see above, Paige, Caroline & me in our first Lillys!) – you may not remember, but fear not, there are about a billion pictures of it!  The Lilly bathing suit that you LIVED IN when you stayed on Nantucket with your cousins all Summer. Your 8th grade graduation dress- a white Lilly eyelet.  A Lilly sorority formal dress– strapless (of course) and ADOOORABLE.  The Lilly shift you got engaged in (mine was a scallop pink with a shell print called the Gidget). Or the brightly printed Lilly wrap skirt your grandmother wore. And even the first Lilly you bought YOUR daughter…or you plan to.

For Lilly to be part of creating our customer’s special moments and incredible memories is such an honor!  That is why we love to celebrate YOU & all YOUR Lilly wearing on the brightest day of the year!  Happy Summer, Lilly Lovers and thank you so much for everyone who toasted Lilly and touched our hearts yesterday!

Wedding photo credit: Rebecca Kline Photography

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