Featured Favorite Print – High Tide Toile

Posted on May 29, 2012 in Inspiration by | 1 comment

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1. What inspired this print?
There are few times when I am happier than when I am on the beach. I love spending the day on a big beach towel, surrounded by friends, laughing about the events from the night before. Armed with iced tea and tons of magazines, we get warm in the sun and cool off in the water. I am usually desperately trying to get a tan but if I had a cute striped umbrella like the ones in this print I might be more responsible about staying in the shade…

2. How did you come up with its name?
The tide looks like it is coming up in this print. There is a lot of movement. You can almost see the waves breaking on the sand.

3. What secrets are hidden?
Sunbathers are hidden all over this print, many of them inspired by friends and family! “Lilly” is hidden all over the place, you can find it in the waves, fences, tents and grass.

4. What materials (watercolors, acrylic, block print…) did you use or combine to create the artwork?
I created High Tide Toile with pen and watercolor.

5. What does this print say about the Lilly girl wearing it?
That summer is her favorite time of year and she adores the beach!

Nora Brooks

Posted on November 25th, 2012 at 7:19pm

The print is great!!!!
Love the colors.