Introducing our team at Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza!

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TOMORROW (May 24, 2012) marks the opening of our latest and possibly MOST glamorous Lilly Pulitzer store – the retail store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA.  Lilly is not new to the Atlanta area (Mint Julep is an Atlanta-based Signature Store and Belk and Bloomingdale’s also carry Lilly) but we are very excited to give our Lilly Lovers a shopping experience in this fabulous location that will leave them talking and of course, coming back!  Heather Skop is Phipp’s fearless leader and she brings with her a passion for fashion, a love of Lilly and great retail experience we know our Hotlanta customers will appreciate.  Here’s more from Heather…

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a native Atlantian, but headed off to the sunshine state for college at Florida State University (go Noles!). In 2005 I moved to Franklin, TN where I opened my own clothing boutique (I’ve always had a love of fashion!). I have a Yorkie named Twiggy whom I adore and I’m so excited to be back in my home state of Atlanta and working at Lilly Pulitzer!

2. What’s your Lilly story?
My very first Lilly dress was purchased for a beachside wedding reception in the Palm Beach area. I naturally thought Lilly would be the perfect style for the occasion but when I starting trying on the dresses I fell in LOVE. I ended up buying 3 dresses that day instead of just the one that I went in for! :) (I bet this sounds familiar to some of you!)

3. Introduce us to your team.
I have the BEST MANAGEMENT TEAM EVER! I actually have 2 Lilly Pulitzer retail store transfers on my team – Lauren, the store assistant manager, is transferring from our Palm Beach Gardens store and Morgan is an associate manager coming from our Sarasota store. Lynnlee, also an associate manager, lives locally and her past experience is in the boutique world like me. We are all super excited to meet all of the ATL Lilly Lovers!

4. Every Lilly store is unique- what’s so special about the Atlanta store?
Well just being in Phipps Plaza is particularly glamorous of course, but the hand-painting done by our print designers and is INCREDIBLE. My favorite room is the Georgia Toile fitting room. Every GA peach will immediately fall in love.

5. Tell us about all the goings-on in Atlanta that will require Lilly dressing.
I can’t imagine an event doesn’t require Lilly dressing :) From Cocktails in the Garden at the Botanical Gardens (Lilly is sponsoring the entire month of June so Lilly is definitely a safe bet!) to an afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium to a wedding at the Georgian Terrace, Lilly has you covered!

6. If we should stop by your store, what do we HAVE to see? Everything! (but if there’s someone in the Georgia dressing room when you stop in, be sure to wait- it’s a MUST SEE!)

7. When our doors open, we guarantee _____________ will fly off the shelves.
The Marie Kate dress, the Skinny Minnie jeans and anything in the Clam Jam print!

8. Tell us how you’re celebrating your opening over the next few weeks.
This weekend (our official FIRST weekend!), we will have special gifts with purchase and for our Grand Opening weekend, (June 9th & 10th) we will have a very special gift with purchase (hint: Georgia State Print!) as well as live painting from one of our print designers! The atmosphere in the store is colorful and happy so any day you come by, we’ll be celebrating!

9. In 3 words or less, describe Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza: Fabulous, glamorous, colorful


Posted on May 23rd, 2012 at 4:19pm

Can’t wait!!!!



Posted on May 24th, 2012 at 11:55am

Is there a Georgia State print? or is it the Georgia Toile?



Posted on July 7th, 2012 at 7:55pm

We really need a Lilly store in the Augusta metro area! It is the second largest city in Georgia. Atlanta and Savannah are too far away!



Posted on September 6th, 2012 at 5:14pm

What is the Georgia Toille print I saw on this blog? Thanks.