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 This print is a summer statement maker. It has a fun story behind it too…it actually STARTED as an embroidery. Print Designer Stacey Novelli painted it, the print design team fell in love and sent it out as an embroidery. The sample came in and everyone just died. We loved it so much that it was turned into a print… normally things go the other way around! It’s printed on a light summer cotton with lurex running through it – which means it has a bit of sparkle — and who can resist a little print with a little sparkle?!?!?!  Here’s more of the story behind the print from Stacey…

1. What inspired this print?
Nothing reminds me more of summer than shells. I collect shells each summer with my daughter at the beach and decided to do a print/embroidery based on the collection I’ve created over the years. I also used starfish as the place card holders at my wedding (which was on the beach!) so I had to incorporate those as well. I am a beach girl at heart and love SUMMER most of all!

2. How did you come up with its name?
Chiquita Bonita is [loosely] translated into “pretty little girl” or “pretty girl.” I call my little girl, Olivia, Chiquita Bonita (of course she’s the prettiest girl of them all!) but what big girl wouldn’t feel beautiful in this exploding palette of shells?!

3. What secrets are hidden?
Not a lot is “hidden” (everything is BIG, BIG, BIG) in this print, but there are lots of scallop shells, bubbles, conch shells, starfish and waves…and Lilly, of course!

4. What materials did you use or combine to create the artwork?
My original creation of the print (actually, embroidery!) was painted with india ink.

5. What does this print say about the Lilly girl wearing it?
She is ready for Summer with a capital “S”!!!


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does this print come in the carded id wristlet?