A Look Inside Retail Management at Lilly Pulitzer

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Our 2012 theme of “Lilly in Bloom” couldn’t be more fitting as we open retail stores across the country this year. In February, we were thrilled to open the doors to a retail store fit-for-a-queen, in Charlotte, NC. In a few short weeks, we will be opening another retail store in Atlanta, Georgia (we’re sure you’ll go nuts over this location!) and later this Summer, we’ll be opening the doors to our 19th retail store in Towson, MD!! (no more reason to feel crabby about not having a Lilly retail store near you in MD!)

As our retail stores bloom, our need for enthusiastic, experienced Lilly Lovers to staff our stores also grows. (Check our job openings here!) We decided to have a quick chat with recently promoted (because she’s AH-MAZING) District Manager, Courtney Bird, so she could give an insider’s view on what it’s like working in retail management at Lilly Pulitzer…

1. What is your favorite part about managing a Lilly Pulitzer retail store?
My favorite part of managing a Lilly Pulitzer retail store is that every day is different. Each day is like a fresh start and I always look forward to introducing a new customer to Lilly Pulitzer! And no matter what region you work in, the store staff is always in the resort mindset which is obviously a great way to start any day! When I was working in Chicago, I remember thinking how funny it was that outside was a snow storm and inside I’m selling beautiful Lilly printed shift dresses! You couldn’t ask for anything better – it’s like a mini–vacation every day!

2. In your experience, what makes the Lilly customer so unique?
Our girl is connected to the brand in so many ways- she remembers her first time wearing Lilly or giving Lilly as a gift and can’t wait to get a friend or family member hooked on the brand. Helping a customer enjoy her first experience with Lilly is always amazing. We love telling the Lilly story and seeing girls faces light up – it would make anyone’s day!!

3. Why do you love working for Lilly Pulitzer?
A career at Lilly is just as upbeat and happy as our prints! Lilly is team-oriented and we are all working toward the same goal – delighting our Lilly girl with beautiful merchandise! Every experience is completely “Lillyfied” from our corporate offices (the “Pink Palace”) to our stores (most are beautifully hand-painted by our print designers!); from our management meetings to smaller, team meetings – everything is always full of color!

4. What are 3 ways to describe being in retail management at Lilly Pulitzer?
High energy, solution oriented, and upbeat with a team approach!

5. What’s the 1 thing you didn’t expect coming into the Store Manager role?
I was surprised by the connection that Lilly has with its local community. The Store Manager plays an important role in working with community members to plan fundraisers, events, and parties. There are always new opportunities to reach out to the local market to meet and make new Lilly Lovers. This was an unexpected aspect that was very fulfilling for me and I know other store managers feel the same way.

6. A store manager at Lilly should definitely be… vivacious!
So that’s my word, but when I asked a couple other retail managers, they came up with “self motivated,” “enthusiastic,” and “a go-getter” – and I agree with all of those as well! Store managers are definitely spirited which is perfectly fitting for the brand and our customers!

Soooo… are you interested in joining our team?  Check out our openings in retail management on our Dream Jobs page!


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I <3 that you called it "Dream Jobs" vs careers! Dream job is SO much more fun! <3 xo



Posted on May 15th, 2012 at 11:18am

Hooray for a Towson, MD store! Where in particular will the store be located?