Love You Too Much – Happy Mother’s Day!!

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It is so nice to work for a company that values…first and foremost…family. We spend so much time talking about parties and happy times – which are spent with family and friends. (and of course, these special occasions are cause for fabulous outfits)

When I was asked to write a blog on Mother’s Day, I immediately thought of how many emails and facebook pics we get of you, our amazing customers, in your Lilly’s WITH your Moms. Or Moms with pics of their Minnies (starting them out right!). It makes me so incredibly happy and I completely relate. I thought this was the perfect time to remind ourselves how lucky we really are.

I am a Mom, which is the greatest gift AND I have an amazing Mom. I am SO EXCITED for her to read this because even though I think I tell her all the time how much I love her, I want to be positive she knows. And if you asked her, her greatest gift is that I am a good Mom (and a happy person with an amazing career and LIFE). And let’s be honest, we know she’s responsible for making me the person I am today.

My Mom is the kind of woman that will do ANYTHING for those she loves. She is incredibly straight forward and absolutely HYSTERICAL. She tells it like it is. I grew-up in Augusta, GA and my Mom would walk my brother and me to school every day. Without fail, she was there to meet us at 3:05 and walk us home. We would have a snack outside and play and then head in where we would sit in the breakfast room and watch her make dinner for us. She was just…always there – always around to take us on the next step of our journey. She was so reliable, comforting and supportive – not spoiling us with presents or things, but spoiling us with time and affection. I learned how to be a good Mom from her.

Now I have two AMAZING daughters and even though I work and can’t meet them after school, the second I get home my time is all about them. We spend HOURS cuddling. On the weekends, the three of us are stuck like glue. I know that they have a great sense of home, love and security because of the closeness we share.

Every spring, when we design the coming year, we save a few spots on the line for Mother’s Day Gifts. I love for there to be something we design just to say…LOVE YOU MOM. I have a complete obsession for gold baubles, so that is usually the first thing I go to (don’t you buy (or design) what you want for yourself?!). This year we have not one but TWO Mother’s Day specific baubles that I am D-Y-I-N-G over…

The first is a necklace that just screams… “I have eyes in the back of my head, I know what you are going to do before you do it, please wash your hands before dinner and DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK??” It’s the Wet My Whistle necklace. Let’s be honest, sometimes being a Mom is part referee. We may as well do it in style!

The second says…literally…LOVE YOU TOO MUCH. I remember a bracelet like this that my grandmother had, with letters dangling off. My Mom sings a song to my girls called Love You Too Much. Everything from my life makes it into the office (ahhh, the lucky print design team!) and we started saying it at work to each other. Lots of times we sign work emails LYTM (love you too much). Sooooooo, can you think of a better charm bracelet?!? Obviously not!

So Happy Happy Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. And of course, a great big LOVE YOU TOO MUCH to you, Mom! Thanks for EVERYTHING. Please keep sending in pictures of you with your kids or you with your Moms. We looove seeing them and we just adore hearing the stories of happy family times spent in Lilly. You never know, they may just turn into next year’s special Mother’s Day item . Sending tons of love from the print studio.

xx, Janie

kris boyden

Posted on May 1st, 2012 at 4:54pm

I love this blog and loved reading all of the wonderful things about your mom and her legacy to you and for you, which you will pass on to your daughters!!! How awesome knowing that you had the same great childhood that I did, and the same great relationship with your mom that I had with mine!!! She’s been gone almost 8 years now, and I am the person that I am because she was the person that she was….. I am her legacy… love you Janie!!! XOXO