Janie & Sarah Take On India

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Janie takes us through her most recent trip to India with Sarah!

HOLY SMOKES — I recently got back from a trip to India. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of – my – life. I appreciate and love my life so completely but going on such an adventure made me realize, so much more, how lucky I really am. (so lucky in fact that I was able to have this opportunity on a work trip!)

Because living in tunics is a way of life for our customers, we set out to make tunics with the world’s experts. From cotton casual tunics over our swim suits to fancy silk tunics over pants, they are a wardrobe essential. But first things first- we wanted to make sure started with the right fabric and found the most perfect place to print our gorgeous artwork!

Sarah Dupre is my partner in crime. She handles all fabric development and she is quite simply one of the loveliest women I know. I love it when I get the chance to travel with her. So we were OFF! A direct flight – 15 hours later we land in Delhi, India. We stayed at The Imperial which is amazing. An amazing, amazing old word hotel – gorgeous but simple.

DAY 1:
The most hysterical start to the day… Sarah and I come down to breakfast in…the same outfit. TRUST ME – this happens at Lilly a lot. But, the same neon orange pants? In India? I changed -but not before a picture!

Delicious breakfast and then a day spent in a tunic factory. The embroideries, the embellishments… we are in love. The company’s owner hosted us in his office for lunch and we had the most delicious homemade (by his family!) Indian meal. My favorites were DAL (lentils) and GOBI (cauliflower- grown on his farm!).

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The Opening of Phipps Plaza

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Our Phipps Plaza retail store in Atlanta, GA has been open for less than a week and the reaction we get from almost every customer who walks in the door is, “Wow- this is all hand painted?!?”  The answer is yes!  The Lilly print designers (yes… the same ones that bring you your favorite Lilly prints), also bring you an unforgettable brand experience in-store by hand painting what you see in our new (and now most) of our retail stores. The team is led by our Visual Director, Jose Cuadra, who is giving us a quick peek into the process of opening a new retail store, from sketch to store!…

The process has always been the same – trap the most creative people in the building (that always includes Janie and the print team), dose us all up with caffeine and pile up the chocolates and desserts and let the creativity flow! We always start the brainstorm with our goal in mind – to celebrate the city’s [where our retail store will be located] culture, lifestyle and people and infuse that with the fun and whimsy that is Lilly Pulitzer.  Once the brainstorm ends, the team creates illustrations (the sketches you see in this post) of the vision for the store and these are the guides used for the build out process. We started this process called Lilly-fication about 4 years ago and appropriately, it started in our Palm Beach Garden store!  And let me tell you, each year we get better and crazier – from printed animal heads on walls to swinging monkeys on chandeliers.

For Phipps, we started with the main sales floor and included lots of magnolia flowers – what can be more Atlanta and southern?! The magnolia flowers are made from lightweight cardboard, lacquered and painted with a matte finish that gives it an artsy but sexy and feminine look. But we are KNOWN for our extravagant fitting rooms and at Phipps, we truly stepped it up. Four fitting rooms with four different designs.

We always include the “Lilly Story” which has become a staple for us- it’s just how we do it that always changes & surprises our customers. This time, we told the “It all started with a juice stand” story through wallpaper designed by print designer, Ashley Begley. We topped it off with a hand painted watercolor inside a shadow box that will be hanging in the room. The toile dressing room (above-done by our toile master, Paige Smith) is hand painted with truly ATL landmarks and something nutty on the ceiling. And since golfing is pretty big in Atlanta, we let this inspire us to fill the room with colored golf balls & tees – ALL OVER!  The last dressing room we can describe as Resort Chic- shells fill this room and they pop off a bright pink background!

As you go towards the back of the store, you will see this vestibule that we call “Strike a pose” – we know people in ATL love to be photographed, so we have these real cameras lacquered and painted with the yummiest colors. You will definitely will be striking a pose when you see this room!

Even the bathrooms get Lilly-fied. The word Hotlanta was our inspiration, soooo we were inspired by anything HOT and fiery – you’ll see exactly what we mean when you step into this room!

Opening this store, and really every store, is a true labor of love for all of us. We are so excited that the doors are open and that we can now share the store with all of Atlanta. We sure hope you come see our whimsical, colorful, and printed store as only Lilly Pulitzer can do!  Be sure to plan a visit to this retail location if you’re ever in Atlanta- it won’t disappoint!

Photography courtesy of Deb Jansen Photography

Featured Favorite Print – High Tide Toile

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Shop High Tide Toile

1. What inspired this print?
There are few times when I am happier than when I am on the beach. I love spending the day on a big beach towel, surrounded by friends, laughing about the events from the night before. Armed with iced tea and tons of magazines, we get warm in the sun and cool off in the water. I am usually desperately trying to get a tan but if I had a cute striped umbrella like the ones in this print I might be more responsible about staying in the shade…

2. How did you come up with its name?
The tide looks like it is coming up in this print. There is a lot of movement. You can almost see the waves breaking on the sand.

3. What secrets are hidden?
Sunbathers are hidden all over this print, many of them inspired by friends and family! “Lilly” is hidden all over the place, you can find it in the waves, fences, tents and grass.

4. What materials (watercolors, acrylic, block print…) did you use or combine to create the artwork?
I created High Tide Toile with pen and watercolor.

5. What does this print say about the Lilly girl wearing it?
That summer is her favorite time of year and she adores the beach!

Loving Lilly Lace

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Lace is absolutely EVERYWHERE these days. Of course, lace has always been a big part of what Lilly does but we’re excited to see other people jumping on board to adore & adorn lace too! Creating special lace for our Lilly Lovers is quite an art and our designers are up for the challenge.  Check out the four ways we’re Lillifying lace in our Summer collection…

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Introducing our team at Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza!

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TOMORROW (May 24, 2012) marks the opening of our latest and possibly MOST glamorous Lilly Pulitzer store – the retail store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA.  Lilly is not new to the Atlanta area (Mint Julep is an Atlanta-based Signature Store and Belk and Bloomingdale’s also carry Lilly) but we are very excited to give our Lilly Lovers a shopping experience in this fabulous location that will leave them talking and of course, coming back!  Heather Skop is Phipp’s fearless leader and she brings with her a passion for fashion, a love of Lilly and great retail experience we know our Hotlanta customers will appreciate.  Here’s more from Heather…

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a native Atlantian, but headed off to the sunshine state for college at Florida State University (go Noles!). In 2005 I moved to Franklin, TN where I opened my own clothing boutique (I’ve always had a love of fashion!). I have a Yorkie named Twiggy whom I adore and I’m so excited to be back in my home state of Atlanta and working at Lilly Pulitzer!

2. What’s your Lilly story?
My very first Lilly dress was purchased for a beachside wedding reception in the Palm Beach area. I naturally thought Lilly would be the perfect style for the occasion but when I starting trying on the dresses I fell in LOVE. I ended up buying 3 dresses that day instead of just the one that I went in for! :) (I bet this sounds familiar to some of you!)

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Lilly Pulitzer Sponsors LPGA Golfer Morgan Pressel

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Calling all GOLF FANS! Lilly is very excited to announce that we are the official apparel sponsor of Morgan Pressel, LPGA golfer, for her 2012 season!  Morgan, who turned pro at age 17 and became the youngest player to win an LPGA championship, continues to play well on the tour this year. AND, she looks amazing in our Summer ’12 collection! Morgan is a long-time Lilly Lover who hails from Florida, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with her as she lights up (and brightens up!) the tour!

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Sisterhood Spotlight – Alpha Omicron Pi at Vanderbilt University

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The Vandy AOII girls impressed us with their 10,000 (10,000!!!!) hours of volunteer service just this year. (we love that at Lilly)  Yet… they still managed to maintain a strong GPA and better yet, have a GREAT time doing it!  Find out more about some of Nashville’s finest….and our first Alpha Omicron Pi chapter to be featured here on Sisterhood Spotlight!

1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name
Vanderbilt University, Alpha Omicron Pi, Nu Omicron Chapter

2. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
170 sisters, founded in 1917

3. The 3 Lilly items from the Summer Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Callahan Short in Multi You Gotta Regatta - The Callahan short is a staple in any Vandy AOII’s wardrobe. Simple and fun, this short is so cute and this great nautical print brightens up any summer outfit!
b. The Lynnie Skirt in Resort White Mariposa – what better to brighten a summer day than an adorable, scalloped skirt? We can’t get enough of scalloping this summer, and this skirt is perfect for a weekend brunch or lunch date.  You’ll see our sisters sporting these all over our gorgeous campus.
c. Shauna Tunic Dress Crochet in True Navy Starboard Crochet - Our sisters love to wear the color navy- it’s a classic twist on the traditional black.  Combined with an adorable crochet knit, what’s not to love? We love to pair this dress with a great pair of Lilly wedges, making it perfect for a nice dinner with friends or a graduation ceremony.
d. We are also SO excited for our Lilly print to be available to pre-order this summer. It will surely become a staple on our campus!  I think every AOII’s iPhone case will soon be covered in Lilly’s AOII print!

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Featured Favorite Print – Chiquita Bonita

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Shop Chiquita Bonita

 This print is a summer statement maker. It has a fun story behind it too…it actually STARTED as an embroidery. Print Designer Stacey Novelli painted it, the print design team fell in love and sent it out as an embroidery. The sample came in and everyone just died. We loved it so much that it was turned into a print… normally things go the other way around! It’s printed on a light summer cotton with lurex running through it – which means it has a bit of sparkle — and who can resist a little print with a little sparkle?!?!?!  Here’s more of the story behind the print from Stacey…

1. What inspired this print?
Nothing reminds me more of summer than shells. I collect shells each summer with my daughter at the beach and decided to do a print/embroidery based on the collection I’ve created over the years. I also used starfish as the place card holders at my wedding (which was on the beach!) so I had to incorporate those as well. I am a beach girl at heart and love SUMMER most of all!

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A Look Inside Retail Management at Lilly Pulitzer

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Our 2012 theme of “Lilly in Bloom” couldn’t be more fitting as we open retail stores across the country this year. In February, we were thrilled to open the doors to a retail store fit-for-a-queen, in Charlotte, NC. In a few short weeks, we will be opening another retail store in Atlanta, Georgia (we’re sure you’ll go nuts over this location!) and later this Summer, we’ll be opening the doors to our 19th retail store in Towson, MD!! (no more reason to feel crabby about not having a Lilly retail store near you in MD!)

As our retail stores bloom, our need for enthusiastic, experienced Lilly Lovers to staff our stores also grows. (Check our job openings here!) We decided to have a quick chat with recently promoted (because she’s AH-MAZING) District Manager, Courtney Bird, so she could give an insider’s view on what it’s like working in retail management at Lilly Pulitzer…

1. What is your favorite part about managing a Lilly Pulitzer retail store?
My favorite part of managing a Lilly Pulitzer retail store is that every day is different. Each day is like a fresh start and I always look forward to introducing a new customer to Lilly Pulitzer! And no matter what region you work in, the store staff is always in the resort mindset which is obviously a great way to start any day! When I was working in Chicago, I remember thinking how funny it was that outside was a snow storm and inside I’m selling beautiful Lilly printed shift dresses! You couldn’t ask for anything better – it’s like a mini–vacation every day!

2. In your experience, what makes the Lilly customer so unique?
Our girl is connected to the brand in so many ways- she remembers her first time wearing Lilly or giving Lilly as a gift and can’t wait to get a friend or family member hooked on the brand. Helping a customer enjoy her first experience with Lilly is always amazing. We love telling the Lilly story and seeing girls faces light up – it would make anyone’s day!!

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Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Delta Delta at Southern Methodist University

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The Tri-Delts from SMU have QUITE the Sisterhood Spotlight Pinterest board – they say they’re involved in everything, we think this proves it!  These “southernistas” (love that!) are getting to redo their sorority house – dontcha think they need a Lilly-inspired room?? ;)   Find out more about these hell fundraisers from the lone star state!

1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name
Southern Methodist University: Delta Delta Delta, Theta Kappa Chapter

2. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
SMU is home to 174 fabulous Tri-Deltas! We have been on campus since 1919!

3. Quotables
“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it; From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

4. The 3 Lilly items from the Summer Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
1. Worth Straight Crop Jeans: Love these white pants!! Dress them up with Resort Chic Wedges, or dress them down with McKim sandals! Perfect for class, errands, or even a night out in Dallas!
2. Shauna Tunic Dress Crochet: Look at this chic crochet number! This is great for the boulevard tailgate, and it’s blue! (tri delta colors!…need we say more?!)
3. The Kolby Dress: Cannot get enough of this sassy white dress! Wear it to initiation, to the first “White-Out” football game of the season, or jazz it up with a clutch for formal. This is a DDD Must HAVE!

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