Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Delta at the University of West Georgia

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This week’s Sisterhood Spotlight is a few days late for GOOD reason.  The KD girls of UWG were in the midst of finals last week and opted for studying and maintaining their rep for having the highest grades of all the Greek Organizations on their campus for 5 years running – their parents would be proud. (A Lilly graduation dress maybe, dad?)  And with grades like that, there’ll be more green & white in their future ;)

1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name:
University of West Georgia, Kappa Delta, Delta Psi

2. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded:
87 Active Members, Founded April 3, 1971

3. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Murfette Scarf is perfect year round, and we LOVED adding the KD one to our collections!
b. Scallop AND print? We can’t get enough of the Buttercup shorts!
c. The Aleesa dress is the perfect dress for all of the graduations, weddings, and get-togethers this spring!

4. The Lillyest day of the year on our campus is… definitely Bid day! This year we had a Lilly theme!

5. The 3 things we want PNMs to know about Kappa Delta at UWG are:
a. We have been first in grades of all the Greek Organizations for five years!
b. Kappa Delta is proud to say that our sisters serve as President of Greek Council and Rho Lambda as well as serve on the executive boards of Order of Omega.
c. Kappa Delta at UWG has the strongest, finest sisterhood on campus through our laser tag events, themed dinners, sleepovers, and of course our annual chapter traditions!

6. Lilly Lovers would fit right in here because…we are the true definition of what sisterhood means. We use Lilly to show off our sisterhood by having Lilly be our 2011 Bid Night theme, having Lilly patterned jerseys, and showering our newest members with Lilly to start their sorority experience off right!

7. We’re proud to say that… three of our sisters were on the 2011 UWG Homecoming court and a sister was crowned Queen!

8. Did you know… our chapter raised $11,000 for our National Philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America!

9. Our favorite chapter tradition is… our ceremony for our sweet seniors! We love to celebrate all of their membership and leadership and honor the time they have given to Kappa Delta. We surprise them with gifts, reminisce with memories and end with a going away video from the underclassman.

10. In one word, Kappa Delta’s at UWG are… classy!

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