Fresh Petals and Prints- Daisy

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1. Ain’t No Lady 2. Fly Away Eyelet 3.  Little Lady 4. Doodle Bug Daisy 5. Vintage Daisy Embroidery

  • Daisy, coming from the Old English phrase “daes eage”, literally means “day’s eye”, an appropriate name for a flower that opens at dawn!
  • A daisy is made up of two flowers; the white (or colored) petal-like rays and the smaller disk florets which make up the yellow center.
  • Did you know that daises are edible? They are closely related to artichokes (srsly) and you will most likely see their petals used in salads at some point!
  • “He loves me, he loves me not” is a popular verse girls will say while picking the petals off a daisy to discover their fate. It also has been said that if a girl closes her eyes and picks a bunch of daisies, the number of flowers she ends up with will be the number of years before marriage!
  • Most daisies have white petals with a yellow center but their petals can come in other colors as well. Most popular colors, besides white, are shades of pink, yellow and purple.
  • Daisies can be planted in spring or late fall and bloom during the summer. Because thunderstorms are very popular in the summer, in some regions the daisy is known as “thunderflower”.
  • Daises are beautiful additions to your home gardens however, if they are not controlled, they can become weeds because they are very resistant to most bugs and pesticides making it easy for them to grow wildly.  (which we’ll take over other weeds any day!)
  • Daisies are said to be the children’s flower because of how easy they are to tie together-I’m sure we all remember making daisy necklaces and headbands!

Kathleen Lisson

Posted on April 19th, 2012 at 10:18am

I didn’t know daisies were edible! I like the Vintage Daisy Embroidery the best.