Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Delta at Miami University

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This week’s Sisterhood Spotlight comes from Miami University in Ohio. These Lilly-loving (and printed letter-loving, I might add) KDs sent us the cutest Pinterest board and we ate it right up – hence why we’re happy to feature these fun-loving ladies on our blog!  Here’s a little from the girls who are probably still recovering from their St. Patty’s Day Shenanigans…

1. School Name and Location
Miami University; Oxford, Ohio

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Kappa Delta; Gamma Nu Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
163 members; was established at Miami on March 1, 1958

4. Quotables
Cheer: “Kappa Delta is our pride; we’ll be KDs till we die! Green & white, rose & pearl. I’m a Kappa Delta girl! Hooray for KD, Kappa Dee…. WOOH! Hooray for KD, Kappa Dee!

“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest since 1958.”

“Kappa Delta is a common bond among a diverse group of people where great friendships grow.” -  This describes our chapter very much since we are all extremely diverse & unique in our own ways, but share our close friendship.

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Whitaker Dress
b. The Somerset Dress
c. Callahan Shorts

6. The Lillyest day of the year on our campus is definitely… the first day of Spring! When the weather starts getting warm, everyone pulls out their Lilly shorts!!

7. The 3 things we want PNMs to know about Kappa Delta at Miami University are:
a. Our group of girls are very unique and different from one another, but share our sisterhood and genuine friendships for a lifetime.
b. We are #6 out of all other sororities and fraternities for our G.P.A.
c. From time to time, we work directly with local Girl Scouts by instilling confidence and building a relationship with them (part of the Confidence Coalition).

8. Lilly Lovers would fit right in here because… we are all so different and unique with bright, lively personalities that form a beautiful and colorful pattern of our own!

9. Did you know that… the co-founder of Vera Bradley was a KD?!

10. Our favorite chapter tradition is… our biggest social of the year, Shenanigans, which is followed by our Shamrock event.

11. In one word, Kappa Deltas are… fun-loving!!


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I think you should “lily” – ize your suite! complete redecoation!