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We think every girls goes ga-ga for hydrangeas, so the fact that we adore them shouldn’t come as a surprise. They bloom in beautiful colors, they make the most amazing hedgerow (it just screams “Welcome to my Cottage by the Sea“) and the fact that they are such a popular wedding flower means seeing them = love — so what’s NOT to love??  If you’re thirsty for some Hydrangea facts, read on!

  • There are over 20 species of hydrangeas, but only 5 grow in the United States. (booo… we want all 20!!)
  • The most popular are the mophead hydrangeas and used mostly in home gardens. They produce pink, blue and white blossoms.
  • Annabelle hydrangeas resemble the mopheads, but only produce white flowers. They are a popular plant to use as a hedge because of how easy they are to trim. (but really, we think we like the pink, purple & blue!)
  • Oakleafs are native to the U.S. and grow white cone shape blossoms.
  • Paniculata hydrangeas are the largest, growing between 8 and 10 feet tall as well as wide-a pretty way to create backyard privacy!
  • Lastly, Lacecap hydrangeas grow more in woodland areas and have a center blossom resembling the baby’s breath flower, with a typical hydrangea blossom outlining the edges.
  •  Did you know, the color of a hydrangea flower depends on the soil composition? Although you can plan to buy pink or blue hydrangeas, the pH level of the soil determines how bright or light the color will be. Also, don’t go searching for purple hydrangeas to plant…those can only be produced if planted in a specific soil mix.
  •  Hydrangeas bloom starting in the early spring and continue until late fall. They grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade. However, the further north you live, the more sun they need
  •  Hydrangea literally means “water barrel” which captures perfectly that they need a lot of water. If you decide you want to cut some for a pretty centerpiece, make sure they are placed in water immediately after cutting them or they will quickly wilt. They can last you up to two weeks if you remember to water, water, water them!
  •   The hydrangea is believed to represent enduring grace and beauty-that is why it is often used in weddings! (well beside the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous!)
  •  Although all colors of hydrangeas are beautiful, the pink ones are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. In Asia, pink hydrangeas mean, “You are the beat of my heart”, awww!

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