Fresh Petals and Prints – The Lily

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1. All a Flutter 2. Powder Puff Embroidery 3. Call Me Kitty 4. Day Lilly 5. Pink Twinkle

Celebrating the Lily flower was a no-brainer during our Lilly in Bloom year – the Lily is one of Lilly’s favorite flowers! Of course our print designers love them too because they have so much to work with – there are so many varieties they could work with.  But… the Lily we all fell in love with, the one we’ve captured in the “Day Lilly” print, is the Stella de Oro. It’s beautiful, it’s delicate and it smells great but we ADORE the fact that it blooms all summer long- just like us Lilly girls! (well duh, Lilly girls bloom all year but that’s a lot to ask of flowers!)  Find out more about these stunning stems!

• Lilies come in many different colors: whites, oranges, yellows, pinks, reds and purples, but the white ones actually have the highest level of fragrance while some of the other very colorful ones do not have any scent at all- who knew?!
• If you want to prolong the life of your very pretty Lily flowers, remove the pollen stems! You can easily do this by pinching them together and pulling them out. (DO NOT do this in one of your LWDs!)

• Lilies are verrrry pretty, but watch out- their pollen tends to get all over the place. If it gets on your hands, counters, or even clothing, lightly brush it off with a toothbrush; do not use water- that will only set the stain!
• A Lily is known in some cultures to represent summer, abundance or even “forever in love” (yes, yes, yes- we looove this about the Lily!)
• Lilies bloom beginning in the late spring and can keep blooming until late August. They are either considered early season lilies (which bloom from late spring to early summer), mid season lilies (which bloom from early summer to mid summer) or late season lilies (which bloom from mid summer to late summer). That is why you tend to see lilies all summer long!
• There are over 110 Lily species and 9 different types. Many flowers are placed into the Lily category, but a true Lily is easy to spot. They grow from bulbs made up of flesh like scales with no outer coating. They have a stiff stem with narrow, long leaves. It produces large flowers at the top of the steam, and the petals appear to have spots or brush stroke lines on them.
• Lilies are perennials, so once you plant them in your garden, they will last you for at least two years! (or more if you have a green thumb!)

Pretty flowers + pretty pink prints = pretty, pretty YOU!  We hope you love our lilies as much as we love them!


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