Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Gamma at Gettysburg College

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We are 5 weeks into our Sisterhood Spotlight feature and the Pink Palace is still brewing with excitement!  We have lottsa proud sorority girls that love paying homage to their chapters that we’re happy to bring another one to you this Friday! This time we have the DG girls of Gettysburg brought to us by Caitlin Gondek on our Wholesale Account Services team! (they’re a very spirited group up on the 2nd floor!) Here’s a little more from the DG do-gooders…

1. School Name and Location:
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg PA

2. Sorority & Chapter Name:
Delta Gamma, Beta Lambda Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded:
We have 93 members and our chapter was founded October 7th, 1939

4. Words every Delta Gamma lives by:! “Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, in every place you can, at all times you can, as long as ever you can.”

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Original Tote in the Delta Gamma Print: It’s perfect for carrying books while showing off our Anchor Pride!
b. We love the Bloomy Dress in both Pink Salmon Glamorous Life and Shorely Blue Toucan Tango! Such a classic strapless dress with a tropical twist!
c. The state patch on the Roslyn Skirt makes us so excited for Spring! It can’t come soon enough!

6. The Lillyest day of the year on our campus is definitely… Springfest!!!

7. The 3 things we want PNMs to know about the DGs at Gettysburg are:
a. We are genuine girls. What you see is what you get!
b. We support and encourage our sisters as well as others. We are always there to lend a helping hand!
c. Our positive, charismatic, and enthusiastic personalities can put a smile on anyone’s face!

8. Lilly Lovers would fit right in here because… all of our members have such bright and vibrant personalities. All of our personalities make up a pattern that would make Lilly proud!

9. Did you know… Delta Gamma is actually a Fraternity and was founded in 1873??

10. Our favorite chapter tradition is… Happy Bucket (during chapter we write positive and sisterly messages on slips of paper to read at the end of every meeting!)

11. In one word, Beta Lambdas are…FUN!

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