Lilly White – Anything But Plain!

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Being bold & bright is always a Lilly girl’s motto and sometimes WHITE makes that statement just as dramatically.  Pattern, pattern & more pattern is how we make our white dresses so special.  And though we know you love us for our hand-designed prints our patterns truly are just as special – each one is hand designed by our (amazing, fabulous!!) in-house print (and pattern, we suppose) designers.  That means, what you see at Lilly cannot, we repeat, cannot be found anywhere else!!

Here’s another fun fact we know about our Lilly Lovers- she doesn’t just shop with her eyes, she shops with her hands. Lilly girls love to touch the fabrics and are absolutely drawn to textures and details that even self-proclaimed fashionistas don’t notice or appreciate. (MWAH- we love you for that!!)  So in our Spring white dress collection- we bring you a WHOLE-LOTTA that to love!

So if you’re a walk-by-the-rack-with-an-outstretched-hand kinda girl or a oh-my-gaaawsh-lemme-see-that-closer girl then you really need to check out Nicolette (sassa-frass fringe!), Whitaker (mini daisy lace=sweet, one shoulder=sassy), Joan (classic eyelet with a halter twist),  Shauna (light on the lace & easy on the eyes),  Bree (For the Love of Lace, give this one a try)  Adriana (a 14 carat look),  Parker (flirty and fun with a bloom of one!),  Sally (prim and proper show stopper), Reeve (jaws to the floor fancy) Adeline (fit for a queen), and Blossom (fluttery details on a fave shape).

Let Lilly be your destination for your LWD!

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