Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Zeta at Drexel University

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This week we’re excited to introduce the girls of Delta Zeta at Drexel University! One of our very own, Chelsey Breidenbach, from the Technical Design team was a member of this Lilly loving sorority and couldn’t wait for her chapter to share more about why they’re so fond of Lilly. (who wouldn’t be?!) So here’s a little more about them and their passion for PINK!…

1. School Name and Location
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Delta Zeta Sorority, Epsilon Zeta Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
101 Sisters – Founded October 12, 1956

4. Our favorite quote is… Well it’s from Lilly but c’mon- who doesn’t love it?!
“Life is a party… Dress like it!!” – Lilly Pulitzer

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Adaline Dress – we LOVE this update to the Adelson dress… It’s perfect with a white Hillary Cardigan for Initiation!
b. The Original Tote in the Delta Zeta Print – this is ALWAYS a staple in our closets!! We LOVE to carry our totes with pride to class or the gym or our chapter meetings!!
c. The Carded ID Wristlet – We love this in the Delta Zeta print, but to be honest we love it in ALL of the prints! It’s perfect for a night out with our sisters whether headed to the gym, the Chapter House or out for a night in Old City!

6. The 3 things we want PNMs to know about (chapter) at (school) are:
a. We celebrate our sisterhood by always being supportive and encouraging of each sister.
b. If you’re having a bad day, you have 100 sisters to talk to or make you laugh.
c. Once you are a Delta Zeta, you are a Delta Zeta for life!

7. Lilly Lovers would fit right in here because… we’re only down the road from Lilly headquarters and LOVE having shopping events with the Ardmore store! No matter what we’re doing, we love to have FUN just like Lilly! Do we even need to mention that our colors are Pink (Old Rose) and Green (Nile Green)?! How could you GET any more LILLY!?!?

8. We’re proud to say that… costume designer Edith Head is a Delta Zeta Alumna Initiate… Delta Zeta and Fashion are a PERFECT duo!! Also, Florence Henderson (aka MRS. BRADY!) is an alumna initiate of Delta Zeta.

9. Did you know that… the Delta Zeta badge was designed by Tiffany & Co. and is featured in the Smithsonian!?

10. Our favorite chapter tradition is welcoming our new members and welcoming BACK or Rho Gammas on Bid Day!

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We love Epsilon Zeta and Lily!