Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show with Lilly!

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Runway shows are SO much fun…except when they’re over! Have you ever attended one and found yourself slightly sad that it all ended so fast? One minute the runway is bustling with the latest and greatest in fashion and the next, it’s over all too quickly. Oh come on, we can’t possibly be the only ones to experience the post-show let down. Well, a few weeks ago we can happily say we attended a runway show with zero post-show let down. That’s because it was the marathon of all fashion shows - Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show in Miami! Every minute of the ’round the clock show featured a different look – that’s 1,440 looks, accompanied by some amazing (and much needed during the wee hours) DJ beats, strutting down a 2 tiered, twisted South Beach runway! (Check out the show’s highlight reel here)

After a month of planning, we were ready to get to Miami for a day full of festivities. The show, that began at noon on Saturday, November 19th, was kicked off by Guiliana Rancic from E!. Lilly’s debut was set to happen during the “Sunday Brunch” time slot so there was plenty of time to kick back and enjoy the show before we had to get our game face on. The energy was absolutely contagious – with DJs spinning live, it was time to soak in the fashion…South Beach style! Ahhhh, can you say a fashionista’s dream come true?! All we could think about was how beautiful our colorful Lilly looks would look on the pristine, bright white runway the next morning…

So, here is the part where we’re supposed to say we stayed up for the ENTIRE 24 hours and did not miss any of the looks, right? Well, not quite. We had to head back to the hotel a little past midnight to get Mrs. Brynn [Harbert], Lilly’s spokesperson for the Cotton show, some shut eye so she could be prepared for our segment and her live (yes, LIVE! the whole show was streaming live on interview in the morning.

Sunday morning began meeting the fun & lively morning host, Cindy Taylor. (it didn’t appear she had stayed up all night either!) We chatted with her for a bit and before we knew it, Brynn was called up to take her place on stage. We were thrilled to be able to tell the show’s audience just how much Cotton means to our brand. As a brand born in Florida, it really always has been a tried and true staple in all of our lines for 50[ish] years. For our 2012 Resort line, some of our favorite pieces are Cotton so we were thrilled to have them included in the show. As they came down the runway, it was obvious why Lilly loves Cotton – it lends itself so beautifully to our vibrant prints. With the South Beach sun shining down and DJ Juan Mejia on the turntable, Lilly rocked the catwalk for a full twenty minutes!

Thank you to Cotton Inc. and MTV for a truly unforgettable experience – the amazing production went off without a hitch and we were thrilled to be a part of it! If you weren’t lucky enough to attend, don’t worry, we knew you wouldn’t want to miss it! Check out the full clip of the show and Brynn’s interview with Cindy here:

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