Stock up for Spring!

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1. Kapri Top in Resort White Flowers and the Trees 2. Lana Top in Starfruit Yellow Valley Girl 3. Lana Top in Hotty Pink Besitos Dot 4. Kapri Top in Hotty Pink A Thing Called Love 5. Kapri Top in Bright Navy The Flowers and the Trees 6. Lana Top in Resort White Valley Girl

We know a thing or two about brightening up the dull days of Winter. For starters, we usher Spring in at the end of January so we can *think* Spring before it actually is Spring. (Perhaps it’s a coincidence that today will get up to 60 degrees here at the Pink Palace but we do believe in the power of positive thinking!) We are loving all the printed tops from our first Spring delivery- bright and bold and BINGO! they work under sweaters if all that positive thinking didn’t quite get through to Mother Nature.  So pile on the prints, bring on the brights and THINK SPRING with our printed tops!

Fresh Petals and Prints – The Cherry Blossom

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As we celebrate our theme for Spring, Full Bloom, we thought we’d share a little bit more about the petals that inspired us to create our Spring prints.  We’re kicking off our first installment of “Fresh Petals and Prints” with the Cherry Blossom!  Would we worship the Cherry Blossom if it weren’t pink? (some are white, you know)  Well sure we would, but honestly, its pink blooms help make it a favorite around the Pink Palace.  Here are some quick facts about this historical flower that beautifies Washington DC in the Spring and graces a number of prints in our first Spring delivery!


1. Bright Navy Cherry Mine 2. Hotty Pink A Thing Called Love 3. Bright Navy Cherry Picker 4. Bright Navy Cherry Wine  5. Resort White Flowers and the Trees


• There is a National Cherry Blossom Festival that’s held in early spring, every year in DC, to commemorate the 3,000 cherry trees donated by Tokyo in 1912 (the first 2,000 trees actually had to be burned when they arrived after being shipped from Japan because they were infested with insects & disease)   There are now about 3,750 cherry trees in the tidal basin in Washington, DC.

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Spring 2012 – Lilly’s in Full Bloom!

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Woo hoo- we made it!!!  It is Spring and we are in FULL  BLOOM here at Lilly Pulitzer! Spring’s arrival brings fresh prints, new styles, bright colors and best of all – SMILES – all in the anticipation of warmer weather so we can wear our new Lilly!

Without further ado… we bring you SPRING!!!!!

Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Kappa Gamma at Rollins College

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We are VERY excited to introduce a new feature to our blog and on Facebook – Sisterhood Spotlight!  All year, we will be sharing the spotlight with some of our favorite Greeks and letting them tell you a little bit more about themselves.  We thought we’d kick-off our feature with the lovely ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma from Rollins since they were kind enough to host us this week for our sorority print reveal!  I’ll let them take it from here!…

1. School Name and Location
Rollins College, Winter Park, FL

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Epsilon

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Sorority Prints – What Happens Next?

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So the most exciting part of our sorority print contest is over but the best is yet to come! We know, as you come down off yesterday’s high, you’re all landing in the same place – what’s next?!? So here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store for our print class of 2012.

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Interns Rule. Welcome Jessica!

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We are very excited to introduce you all to Jessica Lane, our newest Marketing Intern here at the Pink Palace.  For the most part, Jessica’s going to be behind-the-scenes, but from time to time we’ll make ask  her to share her perspective as the newest member of our Lilly family!  And here she is!…

Hi Lilly Lovers! I’m working as an intern right now in the Marketing Department at Lilly Pulitzer and I wanted to share a little bit about myself! I’m from a small town in CT called Simsbury and have lived there for most of my life. Growing up in New England, Lilly Pulitzer has been in my closet forever, but I have to say- I never imagined I would be able to be a part of such a wonderful company!

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Touchy Feely Prints

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Who would think that such a funny looking creature could look so darn cute in print?! Lilly does tend to have that effect on critters. Well we absolutely LOVE the the 8 legged friends that made their debut in our latest Resort collection.  Did you know that octupuses (yes, octopuses, not octopi, BTW!) are one of the most intelligent of all invertebrates? And won’t you look smart in our Touchy Feely prints?!  The Taytay Dress in Resort White Hands Off is a fan fave shift this season.

And we added a little fun to our Main Line jeans with some embroidered cephalopods (thank you, Wikipedia!)  And there was no way we’d leave these suction-cupped cuties out of our swimwear line! So be sure to check out our mini-Touchy Feely print in our string bikini, bandeau bikini, tankini, 1 piece and men’s trunks!

And don’t miss our Sloane Maxi Dress and Westerly Dress. More than 8 ways to wear our touchy feely friends!

The Lilly Love Bug

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Kisses and hugs from the Lilly Love Bug. This is one print you can’t help but fall in love with! Share the love with a…

Murfee ScarfLittle Lilly ShiftZippity-Do Make-up Bag

Lilly Loves Pinterest!

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OBSESSED. By now you’ve probably heard of Pinterest.  And if you haven’t, you will in 5…4…3…2…1 – someone will have mentioned it to you in the time it took to read that.  That’s because it’s an uber-fun, absolutely addicting, everyone-who-tries-it-loves-it, drool tool that you just need to know about. We’ve been using Pinterest since the lazy days of Summer and pin whenever we’re inspired! We’ve created quite a collection of pins over the last 6 months and we’re loving every wasteful colorful minute of it!

Let us paint a picture of Pinterest for you… Pinterest is basically an online inspiration board where you electronically “pin”, via a browser add-on or via the Pinterest website,  something to a “board” you’ve created.  It’s a great tool to collect ideas, recipes, photos, inspirations, etc, in an organized and very visual way.  And probably the best part of Pinterest? How incredibly easy it is to SHARE content. Your “home page” will constantly be flooded with new images from the “pinners” you follow and you can simply take it all in or you can “repin” to your heart’s delight, collecting all those new ideas on your own boards for later perusal.  That’s the basic idea but we think you’ll get a better idea of it if you just take a peek yourself. And here’s a quick peek of ours…

Of course, you can’t use Pinterest until you get an invite. Blergh. But… it’s not too hard. You can request an invite & wait or you can get invited through a friend who is already pinning!  Here are some great tips on taking that very first step to your newest addiction.

Oh and most important… make sure you’re following Lilly Pulitzer on Pinterest!! We hope to inspire and repin you!

Lilly at the Annual Red Cross Beach Bash!

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On December 29th, Lilly Pulitzer rang in the new year “Lilly-style” at the annual Red Cross Beach Bash at the Beach Club in Palm Beach.  Lilly has had a long relationship & ongoing partnership with the American Red Cross in Palm Beach and we’re always thrilled to be a part of this party!

This year the Beach Bash hit a record breaking attendance total of over 600 guests! The event theme was “Travel to the Bayou,” a Louisiana Mardi-Gras style soiree, complete with the jazziest of jazz bands, plenty of crawfish and of course TONS of Bourbon Street beads!

Lilly Pulitzer gifted “Travel to the Bayou” custom printed gift bags, loaded with Lilly Pulitzer goodies (I know, “where’s my invite?!“)  and the dress code for the evening was “Lilly or Louder.”  People came out decked in their favorite Lillys; some old, some new – all very fun and colorful!

All proceeds from the Red Cross Beach Bash support the lifesaving work of the American Red Cross, helping local residents prevent,prepare for and respond to emergencies. Across the Palm Beach region, every 27 hours a local resident calls upon the volunteers of the Red Cross to meet their immediate and emergent needs after a disaster, be it a fire flood or the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. Overall, the American Red Cross raised nearly $70,000 and as always, Lilly takes pleasure in being part of this amazing event!