Profile of a Girly Girl

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To try & describe the complexities and nuances of a Girly Girl would be an impossible task. See, the ultimate Girly Girl always keeps us guessing but we have a few things figured out about her…

(including what she would ask for from her Daddy, her Mom, her Nan, her big, her bestie and her boyfriend – Shop HERE for the Girly Girl on your list!)

Appreciates the full rainbow of colors but counts pink, pink and pink as her first three favoritesCannot turn down a second glass of champagneNails are likely the most delightful shade of pinkHas been known to spend afternoons getting lost in art museumsAdores big, beautiful bowsKnows the rules but is very comfortable breaking themLoves to pamper her loved ones with delightfully wrapped presentsCan watch “Father of the Bride” (1 and 2) over and over and over and over and….Delights in Baubles and all things sparkly – glitter is an obsession Is known in certain circles as the best gift giver e-v-e-r. (when in doubt, give something you want for yourself!) Makes her own holiday gift tagsThinks Cary Grant is dashingIs always prepared! Kitchen has hors d’oeuvres on hand for a spontaneous cocktail party of 8 to 80Swoons over colorful macaroons and the lovely boxes they come inKnows how to garnish a cocktail but beats all the boys at flip cup The L.B.D. in her wardrobe stands for Little Bright Dress • Has a mountain bike, a cruiser and an old 10 speed from the flea market…all can be ridden in a sundress, you know)Writes quite the thank you note and knows the US Mail is the ultimate vehicle to deliver her sweet messages on the chicest of stationery Always greets you with a smile with hugs AND kisses on top!

Store of the Week – Leapin’ Lizards

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Come find us!
250 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Store hours: 10-5 Monday – Saturday and by appointment
Check us out online and on Facebook!

Brief Store History: Leapin’ Lizards opened in Ridgewood, NJ in 2004. In June of 2009, store owners Gary and Jackie Nellis bought Leapin’ Lizards from the previous owners. “Gary and I figured it was the perfect opportunity for us for many reasons – I did not want to see my favorite local Lilly store leave the area (can you imagine?!) and it allowed me to work 1 mile from my home. I’m also excited about the fact that I can do more for my local community through Shop and Shares and contribute ideas for local fashion shows in a different forum.”

Their Lilly Story: My Lilly story started 15 years ago when my mother bought a home in Naples, Florida. I had always loved getting dressed nicely everyday but at this point I had 3 small children so fashion also needed to be functional for me. Walking down 5th aveneue in Naples, we went into the local Lilly store and I walked out with 3 new shifts and 2 pairs of printed pants. That was the start of my addiction!! Dresses that made me feel good about myself that I could wash and wear with no problem!! My friends got to the point where they understood how my dressing reflected my mood. If I was wearing black on any given day, they knew I did not feel well. To this day, if I am wearing black, I am asked if I feel okay!

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Be the Hostess with the Mostest – 10 Tips for Entertaining from Janie

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Janie is the ultimate hostess. Stories from her parties are legendary around the office. Polaroids are either shared or destroyed – depending on the level of fun & how late that particular party guest left. And Janie absolutely abides by Lilly’s guide to entertaining – fetes should be all parts fun & no parts fussy.  While we all wait for an invite to Janie’s next soiree, we can have our own party to remember with her tips!

1. Ummm, duh…tip number one is to wear a JAW-DROPPING DRESS! Lilly usually has about a million to choose from. It simply guarantees that you will have a blast – even if you burn the roast, drop the platter of hors d’oeuvres or spill your champagne cocktail on the dog. The outfit MATTERS. Fun dress = happy hostess = elated guests.

2. Whether indoors or out, everything should be inviting. I love fancy, yummy smelling candles and an enormous bar. For some reason (hmmm, I wonder why) everyone seems to congregate around there. Smarties! Whether a Peach Bellini, a virgin daiquiri or a cherry coke, people want to chit-chat right next to the libations so make it comfortable. And it’s OK to linger.

3. Candles are my best friend. Everyone looks prettier, more handsome, better, whatever…by candlelight. It is our ultimate goal in life to look pretty, right? (Well, among other things like world peace and putting an end to hunger but an array of candles might be a quicker fix) So light up! Lots of candles at different heights. Votives and big Moroccan jars filled with pillar candles. Smelly candles: bamboo and jasmine are my favorite. Candles…everywhere! Just don’t go to bed with out blowing them out!

4. Sit down dinners are special. OF COURSE any party is fun but I adore the intimacy of a sit down dinner. Last week I had 25 over and although that sounds like a lot, it feels festive AND intimate when you are all seated together. Place cards are critical. Sometimes I put little hearts next to peoples names or stars or !!!! if they are super-fun. Making toasts during a seated dinner is a great way to get everyone laughing and focused on FUN. Once I littered the table with joke books and everyone read them aloud…great for all ages.

5. Oh oh, fun entertaining tip…have a CUTE date. Sneaking a kiss during the dinner party makes it SO MUCH MORE FUN! Husband. Brother, adorable new neighbor, boyfriend…everyone gets a match. Although not essential, the mix of boy/girl and different people from different places and backgrounds makes for a lively group. Lilly was famous for her parties in Palm Beach, one reason being that she had everyone from the gardener to the heiress who just flew in from Monte Carlo. Life is a party and EVERYONE is invited. (note to self…I need a gardener and need to make friends with the new heiress that just moved in next door wink wink)

6. Serve Food. Does that count as a tip? Well, you need to give them SOMETHING to eat. I am no Julia Childs but WHO CARES. You can order in Indian and have a buffet of exotic tastes…you can have platters of fried chicken from the grocery store (I do this in the summer and tell everyone it is an old family recipe and they n-e-v-e-r know the diff, shhhhh)…one time I served everyone a take-out container of chicken lo mein and chopsticks. If you are in fact, Julia Childs…go nuts and invite me please.

7. An eclectic table makes me happy. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON (ever ever ever) to be perfect. So striped and floral napkins, mixed plate patterns, flowers in various shaped vases…more is awesome, different is better and when nothing goes together somehow…it does!

8. MUSIC and DANCING are…expected. BYOM- bring your own music! Have guests make mixes…my friend Lindsey is famous for her late-night dance mix. If we win the lottery we should all have a DJ that follows us around so we have ‘walking music’ and our own ‘theme song’ but until then…we’ll stick with Apple. After dinner the music should get louder. That hints to guests…time to either GO HOME or GET DANCING.

9. Let’s get back to the bar, shall we?  MAKE IT A SPECIAL BAR…like a martini bar! There can be different kinds of martinis with instructions and a ‘make your own’ vibe. Appletinis and Chocolate martinis and…oh oh…Cosmos. It always adds color and fun to the conversation!

10. An easy crowd pleaser…I always have a tray of hangover helpers by the door for people when they leave: aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, M&Ms, breath mints, vitamins. It says…I love you enough to make sure you feel as fabulous tomorrow as you do right now.

11. Was this supposed to be 10 tips??… I can’t help it I want 11 because this is the most important one! SMILE. Let nothing stress you out. Hug everyone tons. Kisses are encouraged. Let them know you are thrilled they came. Friends and family are a girl’s best friend and making a guest feel welcome is the most important tip of all.