Murfee Scarf Styling

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The Murfee Scarf is one of the most loved Lilly accessories ev-er.  It shows off our prints so well and can be worn a million different ways for either just a pop of color to accessorize a solid outfit or to add even more print & color to a Lilly ensemble for a double shot of pizazz. Needless to say, on any given day you can take a jaunt around the Pink Palace and find a dozen Murfees usually styled in so many ways.  We thought we’d show you 5 of the most common ways we see it styled:

1. Doubled Up – This style is very similar to how people often wear their winter scarves.  Take your Murfee, fold it in half and wrap it around the back of your neck. Reach through the loop and pick up the other side of the Murfee ends and pull both sides through so they hang down in front. Adjust so it fits comfortably around your neck.  This can be worn on your bare neck or even over a turtleneck – so cute!

2. Triple Tuck – Unevenly, place the Murfee around the back of your neck with one end long and the other end shorter with just enough length to wrap around towards the back of your neck (which you’ll do at the end – leave it hanging in the front until you wrap the other side).  Take the long end and wrap it around your neck 3 times. On the third time simply tuck the ends around the back, into the wrapped scarf and do the same with the short end on the other side.  This option is great if you have a solid top or dress with details that you don’t want hidden behind a scarf but still need more color.  This is also great paired with a coat to keep your neck toasty in colder weather!

3. I’m a Present – Lilly Lovers just love a good bow — and a good present so wrap yourself up in a Murfee and tie it off with a bow! Place the Murfee behind your neck & bring it to the front off to one side. Cross the 2 sides of the Murfee and tie a bow like you normally do!  Adjust so the ends of the bow lay nicely on your chest and viola´- you’re a present!

4. The Loop – This is the most common styled Murfee we see here in the Pink Palace. This way of wearing the Murfee gives the most coverage in the front and shows off the print very boldly – if you’re going for impact with your Murfee, this is the way to go.  Place the scarf evenly around the front of your neck with the ends hanging in back. Bring the ends back around to the front so they hang evenly on each side. Adjust the loop around your neck so it’s as tight or loose as you’re comfortable wearing it.

5. Hanging Loose – This style is great for warmer days when you don’t want a scarf wrapped around your neck but you still want a splash of color.  Simply tie a loose knot towards the bottom of each end of your Murfee and wrap it evenly (or unevenly) around the back of your neck.  The weight of the knots keeps the scarf in place.

Print this out & wrap it up with the Murfee you bought her for Christmas! Shop Murfees here.

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