Scorpion Bowl- A Print to be Enjoyed with Friends!

Posted on November 21, 2011 in Inspiration by | Comment

Ummm, is this print genius or WHAT?! You have to admit it… you have been to Benihana and LOVED IT! Wasn’t there that time you went and got this BIG Buddha drink and everyone got a straw and then you fell off your chair laughing so hard? [Oh wait, that was Janie]  Either way, there is nothing better than sharing, whether it’s a cocktail or a big bowl of ice cream, this is meant to be enjoyed with FRIENDS!

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We always love to show off our amazing print design team and how they bring our inspirations to life.  Scorpion Bowl was designed by Paige Smith so she’s the star of our latest “Making of a Print” video.  We took some behind the scenes pictures of the making of this video so we had footage from before Paige became a star – you know, so we could remind her where she started when she hits it big time ;)

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