Lilly Hits Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show!

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Miami, here we come!  [hear: Cuban music playing & ice cubes clinking]  This Saturday, starting at 12:00ET, Cotton Inc. is hosting a 24 hour (yes, ROUND-THE-CLOCK) runway show featuring 1,400 looks.  Twenty of those looks are brought to you by yours truly!  (Would it have been a true Florida runway show without the fabulous frocks of a one Lilly Pulitzer?!) That’s why we jumped at the chance to be part of this fashion extravaganza streaming LIVE, all 24 hours, on, eonline, and

OK so clearly we’re excited for this weekend because it’s a Runway Show! and it’s in South Beach! and it’s on MTV! and have you seen who the host is?! (Guiliana Rancic! ) BUT… we are actually even more excited about being a part of this great event with our long-time partner, Cotton Inc.. Lilly Pulitzer is a company built on cotton-based fabrics – it’s in our roots and continues to be a very important fabric in everything we do. (stay tuned for Summer-exciting stuff to come with Cotton!)

Lilly also loves green, so we love that Cotton is a natural, Eco-friendly fabric that oh, by-the-way, prints BEAUTIFULLY, is low-maintenance and is easy to wear – perfect for the Resort Chic lifestyle our Lilly Lovers embrace. We like to say “if it’s cotton, you’ll know it’s green – even if it’s Pink!”

We can’t wait to show off our beautiful, cotton apparel on the runway Sunday while supporting our friends at Cotton Inc. because they’ve helped Lilly, help you, look ahhhhmazing over our 50[ish] years! Be sure to tune in during the 9:00am hour and watch us strut our stuff in South Beach! (pictured above & linked below are 4 looks we’ll be featuring!)

1. Jenelle Dress in Island Coral Tropi Lace
2. Cassie Slub Dress in Bellina
3. Sunshine Dress in Turquoise Garden Lace
4. Callahan Shorts in Jungle Glam Toile

 Be sure to follow all the happenings on Cotton’s Facebook page & Twitter stream!


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