In the Guest House with Kathryn Deane, Author of “Bermuda”

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When Kathryn M. Deane, long-time Lilly Lover and co-author of “Bermuda“, approached us about doing some events at our Lilly stores to promote her new book, it was a quick “Yes, of course!!” How could we resist helping spread the word about a book that talks about one of our favorite Resort destinations all while giving 100% of the proceeds back to the island through 4 wonderful organizations?!? (well exactly, we couldn’t!!)  Of course we wanted to know a little bit more about Kathryn & what inspired her to write the book (and just how she got Michael Douglas to write the foreward!) so we invited her into our Guest House to fill us in!  Here’s a bit more from Kathryn…

1. What do you love most about Bermuda and why did you choose to do a book about the island?

To me, Bermuda is such a timeless place. I see photos of my parents sailing on their honeymoon in Bermuda in the 1950s. I remember exploring the island with my brothers and sisters in the 1960s and 1970s and bringing my children there in the 1990s. And now they are in college and love to come to the island to be with their family and friends. Bermuda has an enduring beauty both in the beaches and the water and in the life and vibrant culture. That’s what we tried to capture in the book—how Bermuda is such a great community made up of extraordinary people. It’s a place that truly has it all and the photographs we put in the book show how much there is to do and see there. There are incredible artists, business people, politicians, visitors & locals, museum curators, children & families, and scientists, all going about their lives in this place of breathtaking natural beauty.

2. Tell us more about the charitable partners you are sharing the book proceeds with.

We’re sharing all of our proceeds with four really admirable non-profit organizations that work in Bermuda. The Family Center provides services to children who are in need and suffering from family issues such as abuse, neglect or other emotional challenges. Bermuda has a wonderful cultural heritage as well as a scientific and nature-based heritage which is why we chose to work with The Bermuda Institute Of Ocean Sciences. They do cutting edge research and are an important organization that safeguards one of Bermuda’s most valuable resources: the life in its oceans. Masterworks is all about art and education which is prized in Bermuda and The Audubon Society has done some amazing work to preserve Bermuda’s natural habitats and birdlife. Together, the four charities embrace people, art & education, the ocean and the environment- four things very close to our hearts and four areas that truly define life in Bermuda.

3. Tell us what your typical Lilly look is when you’re vacationing in Bermuda.

Summer in Bermuda is perfect for the Lilly look and of course Lilly is an island favorite and has been as long as I can remember! I have memories of seeing my mother and her friends at cocktail parties so glamorous in their Lilly cocktail dresses. Beach barbeques and raft-ups are two of our favorite Bermuda summer activities these days and a bright, fun Lilly dress over a bathing suit is perfect for both. When we’re in Bermuda we want to dress in fun patterns and bright colors and always be ready to jump on a boat or head to the beach! It’s all about festive, fun clothing that wouldn’t look out of place at the beach or walking down Front Street in Hamilton. And of course a great pair of sunglasses and sandals complete the look!

Help Kathryn support Bermuda through the purchase of this book here.  You can also meet Kathryn at our Madison Avenue location Monday, November 14th from 5-8pm  for a book signing.  If you’re not a New York local, connect with the writers on Facebook to find out more about the book & where you might be able to meet them next!

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