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To say that C. Orrico Naples is a bit of a fairy tale place to shop for Lilly is not a stretch & stepping foot inside this store will surely make you feel a little like a princess- a Lilly princess, that is. The Orrico Sisters know their treasure of a store will delight Lilly Lovers & anyone who lives a Lilly lifestyle!

Come find us!
255 13th Avenue S.
Naples, FL 34103
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The Start
Our Naples gem of a store came to life in November 2001 – we had finally become bi-coastal. We are tucked in a beautiful spot- a street off of the famous Third avenue in historic Naples. The old world charm of this quaint section of town has now been lit with the pink and green flame. The C. Orrico Naples Signature Store was the first to carry the entire lifestyle line in all of Naples and the west coast of Florida. Being the pioneer store in that area we have grown to be quite an established destination.

The Look

The store is surrounded by windows, each flanked with its own awning giving it that charm and disarm of the famous Pulitzer infused Orrico feel. Of Course, we have had our sofa for comfort and ease since the stores start. The Desk, which resembles a juice stand, is the epicenter of this ever Lilly loving store.

The Season
Our season runs from November 1 thru Memorial Day weekend. We focus on the Resort and Spring lines and touch upon Fall and Summer. Our girl is the essence of pretty, shiny, happy, fresh and fun. Our store epitomizes the laid back, chic lifestyle that is the true secret to being utterly Lilly.

The Next Decade
Celebrating 10 years of helping pretty young things of every age be as fresh & gorgeous and as easy & as right now as they can be. Whether you need a cocktail dress or a bikini, the Three sisters and their girls understand active lifestyles, late night tete-a-tetes, prep sports guys, dinner parties with friends and the need to navigate them all with ease. So here is to the next 10- may it come with growth, happiness and more great memories of Naples and our favorite Queen Lilly + her Three fairy Orrico sisters.

Dora Marra

Posted on November 4th, 2011 at 9:56am

Congratulations on your anniversary! All the best from the Headdress NY family.