Resort 2011 – A Glam Start to a New Year in Lilly!

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The start of the Resort season is a big deal around here.  See… it’s in our DNA as a brand- we were born into the Resort lifestyle so we absolutely cherish this time of year.  It signals the best times in life with family & friends – it’s ageless, effortless and colorful (of course, Lilly kind of invented that part of it)  And while everyone else starts their year in Spring, of course we start ours with Resort.  Would it make sense any other way?!?

The best part of  starting a new year is kicking off a new, fun theme.  Our theme this year is “Lilly in Bloom.“  Each season, which also has it’s own guiding theme, we’ll be tipping our hat to the colorful florals that make us all so happy (and look so darn pret-ty!)  Resort 2011 starts us off with “Jungle Glam.” 

Our theme (read: obsession) is resort chic gone Jungle Glam.  It’s all about colors that make you smile, dresses that FORCE you to stay out all night, and sweaters that demand to be stacked, then gifted, restacked… but never regifted.  Tunics are a girl’s best friend because they are worn over teeny bikinis, over jeans, over resort white pants, over EVERYTHING!  Prints are clutch-your-stomach, make-your-eyes-pop, have-to-have frenzied! And tinsel (aka: big baubles!!) should be hung from everything!

Our cheeks are pink with the glow of an all-out, jungle-glam, lilly-filled EXCESSIVE holiday!!  Resort product hits store shelves and online FRIDAY!

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