Luscious Leopard from Lilly

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Is it any surprise that Lilly does leopard in color? Of course not!  Thrill of the Chaise is available in 3 different colors – Skye Blue, Palm Beach Camel & Cameo White.  And whether you want to go head-to-toe leopard or just dip your toe in the leopard print craze, we have a piece for you!

 Sadie Dress
Christy Shirtdress
Cissy Skirt
Vivi Top
Duffy Shirt
Cassie Dress
Cassie Top
Adalie Wrap Dress
Lexi Crew

Let the tots in on the trend!
Miley Yoke Shirtdress
Bella Skirt

Murfee Scarf Crinkle – in-store only

We <3 This Feature!

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As a lot (like a LOT, a lot, a lot) of you noticed during the online sale we had a few weeks ago, we have a brand new look online and we’ve heard from many of you that you’re finding it easy to navigate and fun to shop.  (Yay!!) Well one of the new features that we wanted to showcase was a feature called “My Hearts.”  It’s actually a little heart button you’ll see on each product page that will become very useful to those of you who visit often and want to create “wish lists” on your account.

My Hearts is a great way to keep track of all the Lilly goodies that you have your eye on, special items you think your sister would like for her birthday, perhaps a little pick-me-up for your daughter who didn’t do so hot on a recent test or the perfect gift for your new little…or grand-little… or big.  Besides making you feel all warm inside to scroll down and see your dream closet, tagging your faves makes it easy to share them with friends.  Or better yet, e-mail the list to mom or dad – it’s the perfect answer to “what do you want for your birthday?”

Start using My Hearts by setting up an account with Lilly and start hearting your little heart out!

*The pick up in-store feature is coming soon!

The Evolution of a Dress

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We’re following up our Fannie dress post with a feature on another one of our our fabulous Fall frocks- the Fiona! The common thread of dress name beginning with the Letter F is not a coincidence – it’s a way for us to be reminded of some past best sellers. (the alliteration part is just plain fun!!) The Fiona dress is actually an evolution of two favorite dresses – the Jonah dress and the Finn dress. The Fiona is 1 part Finn dress block (for the great fit) and 1 part Jonah button detailing. We asked Abraham to tell us a bit more about this style…

“The color blocking trend is something we believe in and Fiona allowed us to do it more dramatically. Last Fall we did it in small touches (cuffs and reverse side of belt) but color blocking the entire front panel was perfect for our dramatic Fall theme. Scallops are always a feminine detail we love, so we combined all these things to create our latest ponte styles.”

So get Fiona while she’s hot! Who knows what the future versions will look like but the evolution of all these elements really make Fiona the “it” dress for so many occasions this Fall!

In the Guest House with the Sisters of Fashionably Bombed

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Janie discovered the sisters of Fashionably Bombed earlier this year and excitedly sent around their site to a bunch of us here in the Pink Palace. We all drooled over both the drinks and fashion fun they had on their blog weekly and just had to figure out a way to work together.  So we dreamed up the idea of having them wear Lilly for one of their over-the-top photoshoots and doing a giveaway of their outfits of choice.  We were very excited to be part Flannery & Katherine’s fun and we loved being featured on their glamorous blog.  We also know our Lilly Lovers LIVE at the intersection of fashion and fun and enjoy a good party [and cocktail!] so we knew we had to bring these lovely ladies into our Guest House and have them tell you a little bit about themselves… (and you’re going to love them too!)

[Be sure to check out their Lilly photoshoot & giveaway HERE!]

Creating Fashionably Bombed seems to be the MOST fun job in the world- how did you dream it up?

We are both extremely creative people. As little girls we would invent mocktails (pickle juice with Jelly Bellys was a favorite combo), create fashion videos, dress up our cats for photo shoots, etc… So when Katherine quit her day job, we seized the opportunity to combine our talents and energy and put them into a project. Believe it or not, our original idea was actually to start a fresh juice stand, just like Lilly! We wanted to have a glammed up mobile juice cart serving tasty and seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable juice creations. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that the life of a modern day mobile food cart operator is less than glamorous, so we went virtual and started Fashionably Bombed! It was an easy transition since Flannery was working as a fashion stylist at the time, and Katherine had been a bartender in NYC a few years before. We just combined our two favorite things!

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Store of the Week – Pink Boulevard

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The Pink Boulevard team was just with us here at the Pink Palace last week buying for Spring of 2012.  While they worked to bring their customers Lilly for the next Spring season, we got the scoop on Pink Boulevard & what sets them apart!

Come find us!
639 Freshfields Drive, Johns Island, SC 29455
Store hours: 10-6 Monday-Friday and 1-6 on Sunday
Online and on Facebook

A little bit about them… Pink Boulevard opened in April 2007 by owner, Kelsey Nichols. At the time of opening, Kelsey was a recent Clemson University graduate and was just 22 years old!  Her long-time love of Lilly and her mom’s experience and passion for being a boutique owner, gave Kelsey the confidence to go headlong into the world of retail and become a small business owner herself.  Just 4 years (and a Lillyfied wedding!) later, the store has been a great addition to the Freshfields Village (located at the Crossroads of Johns Island, Kiawah and Seabrook Island) where Kelsey describes her shop as the Cheers of retail.  They adore their customers and know [just about!] everyone’s name that walks in their door!

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A Fall Favorite – The Fannie!

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Lilly does color – always has, always will.  We have to say, we absolutely loooove it when trends fall in line with what we do best.  Colored denim – CHECK! Colorblock – CHECK!  (The ever-fashionable Abraham is embracing the trend in his designs and his wardrobe)  Colorblocking is a trend we’ve been seeing since spring & it has no plans to leave us in the dark anytime soon.

Abraham & Erin, two of our finest dress designers, inspired by a very chic vintage Lilly dress [dating back to the mid-60's!], designed one of our favorite fall dresses, the Fannie, with the colorblock trend in mind.  They fell in love with the whipstich detailing and incorporated the body style of our best-selling Finn dress to create a versatile knit dress that goes from end-of-summer bare to early-winter layered!

The Fannie comes in three colorways – Brazilian Brown Combo & Pink Tomato Combo – available now and a Bright Navy Combo available in our September delivery.  Adorbs in every color!