Breast Cancer Awareness Month – We [also] Go Pink in October!

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Check out Breast Cancer Charities of America online, on Facebook and on TwitterDonate to their Help Now Fund today!

Lilly herself always said “if you have no charity in your heart, you have the worst type of heart trouble.” That is why we continue her legacy through all of our philanthropic partnerships and dedicated product. This October, we want to bring awareness to a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts and to a growing organization that is bringing integrated cancer care to women, nationwide. We would like to introduce you to our friends at the Breast Cancer Charities of America, bringing together breast cancer authorities from a variety of healthcare and allied professions who are dedicated to ending breast cancer. (And really, how can we not support an organization with a campaign called “I Go Pink?!” Lilly Lovers go pink every day!!) They also work to promote nutrition, exercise, mind, body, and social support to bring cancer prevention to women. As a women’s apparel brand, highlighting such a great organization is truly a pleasure.

How are we supporting the Breast Cancer Charities of America? Well we started where we often start – in the print studio. Of course the team was thrilled to put something together specifically for our friends at BCCA. With their talent and creativity, designers at the Pink Palace worked their magic to create a limited edition, custom breast cancer print called “Butterfly Kisses.” (It’s pink. Of course.) The team incorporated butterflies not only because they symbolize life, beauty and new beginnings but also because breast cancer patients migrate from illness to health to recovery, similar to the way butterflies migrate. Then we brought the print to our favorite accessory, the Murfee scarf. The Murfee can be worn by anyone of any age, and when worn, is a reminder of all the great work being done each day to prevent breast cancer and reminds us of all of the strong individuals who are in a fight for their lives right now. Here at Lilly, we want to bring cheer, hope, and color into the lives of our customers each and every day, especially those that need it the most.

In our print inspiration research, we stumbled on to some other fun symbols of hope & happiness. We wanted to include them all so we decided to create the “Full of Hope Bracelet.” It’s a symbol of hope and happiness that we can wear every day!

In addition to these items, we have also made a minimum donation of $10,000.00 to our friends at the Breast Cancer Charities of America, and will be supporting their cause with local markets shop and share events all month long. Be sure to also join Lilly on Facebook so you can share how you “Go Pink” for October. And follow Lilly on Twitter this month as we share cancer prevention tips, created by the team at BCCA, daily with the hashtag #igopink.

Help us spread the colorful message of BCCA and do your part in changing the course of women’s lives through awareness, education and action.

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