In the Guest House with the Kleiers!

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We are very excited to have the Kleiers from HGTV’s hit show, Selling New York, in our Guest House today.  This real-estate powerhouse trio (mother & daughters) are Lilly Lovers and loyal shoppers of our Madison Avenue store.  They tell us that they love the vibrant colors of Lilly because they translate so well onscreen. (good to know!)  They are always upbeat & fun when they stop in and shop and we love tuning in on Thursday’s at 9pm to see them donning their recent purchases.  Of course, their first love is real estate which is another reason they love Lilly – they adore that our Madison Avenue store is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side (where they sell most of their properties) and that the store is a two-story historic townhouse complete with original details including crown molding & a marble entrance.  Which is why it’s the PERFECT place for them to host a book signing of their newly released book called “Hot Property!”  Make plans to meet these Lilly-loving New Yorkers in person this coming Monday evening at our Madison Avenue store!

 We wanted to know a little bit more about these lovely women so we asked them to answer some of our questions. Here’s what they had to say!…

Q. “Working with my mom/daughter is ______________”
A. A dream come true! (we all surprisingly agree on that!)

Q. If you could be selling real estate in any other city, which city would it be?
A. Impossible! We would never leave New York.

Q. If you were selling real estate in Palm Beach, what do you think would be the biggest difference?
A. The weather! And Sabrina would have to get her driver’s license.

Q. If there was another business venture you could do with your daughters, what would it be?
A. Let’s see … Besides real estate, filming our tv show “Selling New York,” and writing Hot Property?! We are actually in talks to launch a product line! Lilly, do you want to partner with us? ;)

Q. Now that you all are TV stars, who’s the person you’ve been most excited to meet?
A. We had a ball teaching Regis how to show an apartment for his show, and we can’t wait for his Selling New York episode to air.

Q. We think the world needs more color but New York REALLY needs more color. : ) How do you incorporate color in your jobs as real estate agents?
A. In the summer, we are in head to toe color all the time – and often in signature Lilly Pulitzer prints. In the winter, we always accessorize with a jolt of color – red shoes, a purple purse, turquoise bangles. Generally, if we’re not already wearing Lilly a dress or skirt, we’ve got our Lilly flip flops and purses. We are obsessed — we even wear Lilly pjs!

Q. We love Lilly Pulitzer because __________________
A. We love Lilly because it makes us happy every time we wear it. Lilly represents hope to us. In fact, Samantha named her newborn daughter Caroline Lilly!

Q. When did you first fall in love with Lilly?
A. We fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer years ago in Palm Beach. We came across it at C. Orrico and bought an entire wardrobe for our trip. Every person in the lobby of the Breakers was in black, gray or camel, and we walked in with our big splash of color. (Bland is so not us!) We’ve never looked back!

Q. A New York apartment decked out with Lilly furniture & fabric would probably get this reaction from our clients:
A. They’d probably be surprised but, for us, it would be pure heaven!

Q. We are excited to partner with Lilly on this event because __________
A. We are true Lilly Girls!


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Love them on HGTV and glad they love Lilly!