In the Guest House with the Sisters of Fashionably Bombed

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Janie discovered the sisters of Fashionably Bombed earlier this year and excitedly sent around their site to a bunch of us here in the Pink Palace. We all drooled over both the drinks and fashion fun they had on their blog weekly and just had to figure out a way to work together.  So we dreamed up the idea of having them wear Lilly for one of their over-the-top photoshoots and doing a giveaway of their outfits of choice.  We were very excited to be part Flannery & Katherine’s fun and we loved being featured on their glamorous blog.  We also know our Lilly Lovers LIVE at the intersection of fashion and fun and enjoy a good party [and cocktail!] so we knew we had to bring these lovely ladies into our Guest House and have them tell you a little bit about themselves… (and you’re going to love them too!)

[Be sure to check out their Lilly photoshoot & giveaway HERE!]

Creating Fashionably Bombed seems to be the MOST fun job in the world- how did you dream it up?

We are both extremely creative people. As little girls we would invent mocktails (pickle juice with Jelly Bellys was a favorite combo), create fashion videos, dress up our cats for photo shoots, etc… So when Katherine quit her day job, we seized the opportunity to combine our talents and energy and put them into a project. Believe it or not, our original idea was actually to start a fresh juice stand, just like Lilly! We wanted to have a glammed up mobile juice cart serving tasty and seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable juice creations. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that the life of a modern day mobile food cart operator is less than glamorous, so we went virtual and started Fashionably Bombed! It was an easy transition since Flannery was working as a fashion stylist at the time, and Katherine had been a bartender in NYC a few years before. We just combined our two favorite things!

Complete this sentence (both of you!) “Working with my sister is ____________________”

F- “Working with my sister is both the most insanely fun and most insanely frustrating job I have ever had!!! Katherine makes me laugh harder than anyone in the world though, so there is no one else that I would rather do this with!”
K- “Working with my sister is so much fun that sometimes I forget we’re working!  Though we do have our moments, in the end, I can’t think of anyone else with whom I’d rather share this amazing experience!”

Lilly was the quintessential entertainer. Do you ladies love to throw a party or let someone else do the hostessing?

We both love throwing parties, especially together! We make the food and cocktails together and then Flannery decorates while Katherine (AKA “DJ KathBombay”) plans the music!

What 3 things do you consider to be the BEST accessories?

F- “Gold glitter shoes, a Mom Monogram Louis Vuitton bag and a vintage fur coat”
K- “A huge sparkly cocktail ring, a big pink Bando pouf and a florescent bra!”

Fall is all about Drama this season so if you were headed to the theatre, what would you wear & what would you enjoy at the after party?

Sequins and champagne! We did an entire series of champagne cocktails on the blog, and the mixing possibilities are endless! We went wild and even made a Japanese champagne cocktail with Midori and wassabi!

If you could create a drink just for Lilly Lovers what would you put in it & why?

When we think about Lilly we think about fresh fruit juice and Palm Beach, so we would probably include several citrus varieties grown in that part of the country- lemons, oranges and pink grapefruit. Add a little vodka and put it all on ice. Mmmm! Sounds refreshing! Plus it would be a beautiful shade of pink!

The Lilly Pulitzer brand was born out of the resort town of Palm Beach & you all hail from the west coast. How did you discover Lilly & how do you wear it living in California?

We both lived on the East Coast for a few years (Flannery in Florida and New York, Katherine in Connecticut and New York) and we quickly became Lilly lovers. There was an immediate attraction since we both love bright colors and wild prints! In fact, when shopping in California nothing ever seems bright enough or colorful enough for us! Yay for online shopping!

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