Agendamania 2011!

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This August 1st we think a new holiday was created- National Get to Use My New Lilly Agenda Day.  You think that’ll catch on?  It’s not like we made it up- it was all of you Lilly Loving, party planning, oh-so-organized ladies that got soooooo excited about the agenda that it was all anyone around the office could talk about!  So you know, we penciled the holiday in on our planners- and maybe it’ll make it into the 2012 calendar- you’ll just have to get one next year to find out!

Above are some of the things we love about the agenda (sorry we’re not sorry about bragging) – I mean really; look at those stickers! and we just loooove January’s print! and the list of reasons to party? so helpful!  (when you have a party on Wednesday, June 20th & people want to know why, you just point to your planner & say “Duh! It’s Summer Solstice!”) We also happen to love our August beach girl’s advice- we shall oblige, that you very much!

And it was so fun to see how many of you loved the agendas too.  The tweets, the Facebook posts, the e-mails, oh my!  Here was just a snapshot of some of the fun:

Oh and 2 important dates you’ll want to jot on those agendas?  August 25th and September 25th- our next 2 fall deliveries arrive!!

Wanna join in the fun?? Get yours now! Large Small

Add Tassels for Drama!

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We are absolutely ob-sessed with tassels. Perhaps you noticed?  They’re so chic and so sophisticated and absolutely perfect for our Fall drama theme. Enter: Macrame Me. Gorgeous colors that go great with your oh-no-I-refuse-to-let-go-of-summer-tan and take you right into fall.

Plus, the theater is just dripping with tassels and it conjures up images of a backstage dressing room filled with a velvet chaise complete with tassels, a dark lamp, and a long-legged theater actress calling everyone “dahling.” One image we never imagined? A trimmings store on our trip to Florence completely dedicated to tassels. OMG- you would’ve thought we died and gone to heaven!!  (Janie almost needed resuscitation!)

Oh what, you can’t get enough tassels either? (we thought maybe) Take a peek at Behind the Rope and The Velvet Rope. That should do it!

Store of the Week – Pink Palm Mclean

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Pink Palm Mclean is all set for our Fall celebration of drama with their dancing Minnie customers – we just know they’ll get a Standing Ovation in their Lilly wherever they go!

Come find us!
6647 Old Dominion Drive, Mclean, VA 22101
Phone Number: 703.556.8750
Store hours- 10-6 Monday-Saturday, 12-5 Sunday
Find us online and Fan us on Facebook

Our Owners, Lizanne Jeveret & David Holmes, are in all four of our stores continuously. As much as we love when they come to visit, we are always a tad more excited when they bring three of their furry children-Gracie, Boo and Sophie. These four-legged Lilly Lovers are always excited to greet all of our customers with attention and kisses!

A little bit about us… Our store was the second Pink Palm location when we opened in Reston, VA in 2003. We loved all of our customers in Reston but in 2008 we decided to move to Mclean and spread the Love of Lilly! Even though we are so close to the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C., we love the small town feel of our little piece of Lilly heaven!

Our favorite product from the Fall ’11 line is… The Evie Dress! We love it in every pattern and want two of each! The flattering cut with its sassy bow can make any girl feel classy at work and flirty for happy hour. That is the type of functionality we can appreciate. :0)

Our store is unique because… we are located next to a ballet studio so we always have little ballerinas prancing about within our store. Walking into any Lilly store will brighten your day, but with all of the little tutu clad Minnies ready to show you the latest poses they’ve learned, you really can’t do anything but smile. Yet as much as we love our little dancers, we love helping their mommies just as much! All of our employees are avid Lilly Lovers and love to help find matching outfits or flattering outfits for our women on the go. Make sure you come on in to visit and let us find the most fabulous and flattering Lilly frock for you!

JC Countdowns her Top Moments

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Happy Friday Lilly Lovers!  Its JC again, the Marketing Intern and I am sad to say that posting this blog is my last official intern duty.  I feel a bit like Cinderella, except when the clock strikes 2, instead of losing my McKim and  my carriage turning into a pumpkin, I lose my email and have pack up my pink mini.

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Great Picks for a Great Mix!

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Stripes with prints? Florals with dots? You dare not but we dare you.  After all, it’s all the rage this season! That’s right, we double dog dare you to double down with a little Break a Leg and Showtime Dot. You can certainly pull off a little polka with a kick.

We took the guess work out of it for you with both the Adelie wrap dress and Kelsi Dress.  Throw it on and get your thrills!

You definitely don’t want your shoes to outshine your outfit.  So keep them simple (but still totalllly awesome) with our Navy Resort Chic Wedge Patent Ostrich.  They are the perfect compliment to your print- mixed ensemble.

Is it a bit theatrical? Perhaps. But we think our Lilly Lovers like to put on a good show.

Worthy of a Standing O

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A hint of the poppies from The Wizard of Oz deserves a Standing Ovation. And when we give a standing o, it’s our little way of demanding an encore.  So that’s why you’ll find poppies scattered about on various styles like the Adalie Wrap Dress, the Evie Dress *swoon*, the Lexi Crew, the Mandy v-neck, and the Ciara tunic.

That’s quite an encore — but we raised the stakes and introduced Standing Ovation in Bright Navy too because really, why should pink always have all the fun?!

Oceana Splash BASH!

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We had a blow out BASH at the Oceana Hamptons Splash event this past Saturday night (did you see the pics!?) We took over Margie & Michael Loeb’s beautiful Southampton home with over 400 guests.  We know how to throw a party having learned from the quintessential entertainer, Lilly Pulitzer herself!  Didn’t get to join in on the fun?  Be in the know and read on! Read More

Store of the Week – Pink Palm Richmond

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This week we’re happy to feature another Pink Palm store as our Store of the Week! This time we’re headed to the lovely city of Richmond where they love all their customers- especially the Minnies and the furry kind! :)

Come find us!
6233 River Road, Richmond, VA
Store hours- 10-6 Monday-Saturday, 12-5 Sunday
Find us online, Fan us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter!

A little bit about us: The Pink Palm was established in 2002 by Lizanne Jeveret and David Holmes. As we approach our ten year anniversary, we are proud to say that we offer the largest selection of Lilly Pulitzer clothing, shoes, and accessories in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

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