Pop The Bubbly and Shop our New Site!

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Today is a day worth celebrating here at the Pink Palace. We are very, very, very excited to be launching our brand new website,! (and no- it’s not a coincidence that tomorrow is our last Summer Friday-the web team is taking full advantage of the early weekend because they are ready to celebrate! Tomorrow’s Happy Hour will be surely be very HAPPY!)

Now imagine you’ve just discovered a new Lilly shop *squeee* – you walk in the door, wide-eyed, smiles from ear-to-ear and a burning sensation coming from inside your purse. (tell me we aren’t the only ones who feel that!) The store staff spots you in your head-to-toe Lilly and greets you with a knowing smile. “Hi there!” she says, “Have you shopped with us before?” “No.” you answer in whispered astonishment. “Well then, let’s have a looksie, shall we?”

In the middle of our homepage, you’ll hit the Lilly Jackpot. Zingo!! Here you’ll find what’s new, featured looks of the season, dresses, tops & bottoms, shoes & accessories, Minnies and home & gifts. All our goodies in a pretty, little row, just waiting to be scooped up! And two treasures we know you’ll looooooove – our Shop by Print (yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!) and Behind the Scenes. (making sure our Lilly girl is aaaallllways in-the-know!)

In our top right corner you’ll find everything you need to make shopping with Lilly easy. (no- we have not built in some kind of decision-maker that helps you pick through your over-flowing Lilly tote – that part is still hard!) But, we have created ways to make shopping on more convenient and seamless leaving you with just the FUN parts!

And you know it wouldn’t be Lilly if we didn’t create a spot for all our pretty young things to socialize and get to know the other Lilly Lovers who are living a colorful life, so in the top left corner we’re inviting you to join the party on Facebook and Twitter and get all the Lilly juice through e-mail and even texts! Be the life of the party and never miss a Lilly beat.

We’re tried to include all the tiniest details along the bottom (you know we’re all about the details!) from ordering & shopping from our catalog, buying a gift card, finding your dream job at Lilly and even helping you find your way around the site.  And of course we made it easy to always find answers to your questions, even when Jack & Kate aren’t manning the phones!

And there will be other hidden gems we’ll be sure to point out to you along the way (fit ratings, my <3s, share with friends, adorable gift cards, monogramming (yes! now breathe, breathe) ship to store, etc.)

If you’re like so many of us, you probably have a cute boy or your precious Minnie waiting patiently for your attention so you’re just going to HAVE TO stop back in, won’t you?? Don’t worry- this party is 24 hours, 365 days a year and there’s never a dull moment.

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