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Happy Friday Lilly Lovers!  Its JC again, the Marketing Intern and I am sad to say that posting this blog is my last official intern duty.  I feel a bit like Cinderella, except when the clock strikes 2, instead of losing my McKim and  my carriage turning into a pumpkin, I lose my email and have pack up my pink mini.

I have had an amaaazzzziiinnnggg summer working for Lilly.  It wasn’t all fun and games…I learned a TON from my managers, even from my fellow interns!  I have a new appreciation for all the work that goes on behind the scenes, from the catalog to making the dresses themselves.

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my experience with you, and countdown some of my favorite things about this summer:

5. Warehouse Sale: OMG, nothing comes between Lilly Lovers and their Lilly, especially at the Warehouse Sale!  People were in line for days, all for their love of the brand. From the curtains in the back, I could see people running around, darting from dresses, to skirts, to shorts, bartering for their favorite items and filling shopping carts with all they could find….it was literally the craziest thing to watch!  I think it has all the components of a reality show….Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale 2012: Lilly Lovers Gone Wild!

4. Going on Press: During our weekly marketing calls, I kept hearing about ‘Going on Press’ for the catalog.  When I found out I would be joining Brynn, I was excited, but had no idea what to expect.  Going on Press included a road trip to Danbury, CT (a lot of singing) to the printing plant.  I had always assumed that the catalogs were printed by a large printer….OMG was I wrong!  Each page in the catalog has four metal plates etched with the image, one for each color used: magenta, cyan, yellow and black.  The catalog pages are run though a HUGE printing press; each color having a different cylinder.  I was able to take a tour of the plant (my nerdy side loved it) and see how they adjusted the color levels.  A test page is printed and after we approve all the colors by looking at the swatch book, the rest of the copies (~200,000) are printed!

3.  Resort Photo Shoot: I was lucky enough to go to NYC and be on site for the Resort photo shoot.  (the Resort line is totallllyyyyyy fabulous, btw!)  I had always wondered what a photo shoot was like, and trust me, and it didn’t disappoint!  From styling the clothes and making the set, everything is a work of art.  Best part was, the models were totally cool!  One of the girls is a pre-med student at Cornell–beautiful and smart!!  Being at the shoot was a real treat, and a day I will never forget!

2. My Fellow Interns: My intern class was an amazing group.  We all came from different backgrounds, and we all learned a lot from each other! It wasn’t all work–outside of the Pink Palace, we celebrated birthdays and random Tuesdays.  Bowling Night ranks at the top of my Philly adventures!  I have made new friends for life and memories to last a lifetime with this group.

1. My Managers: My experience at Lilly would have been nothing without my managers Lindsay and Brynn.  From the moment I met both of them, I knew I was in the right department.  Brynn shared my obsession for Chipotle and we both rocked the same signature hair style, the classic bouffant.  Turns out we are also sisters-Tridelta Love!  My favorite Lindsay moment was when she gingerly told me I had my Sully Dress on backwards….we all laughed the whole afternoon!  They both treated me as an equal, and I truly felt as though I was a part of the team.  The two of them truly made my experience so special, and I am so sad to be leaving them!

Despite the fact that I am devastated to be leaving, I know I will be back to visit the Pink Palace very soon.  I also feel as though I will live on here….I have it on good knowledge that there is a JC Sweater coming out in Spring.   Ok, it mayyyy be spelled Jaycee, but I would like to think they named it in my honor :)

Jennifer McIntyre

Posted on August 5th, 2011 at 2:18pm

Good Luck JC – best wishes at school – I think there will be amazing things coming from you soon!