Falling for Drama

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This fall, we continue our love of everything arts with a focus on DRAMA. The drama of a good entrance is what you will be celebrating with our yummy Fall prints and patterns. Get your ticket, stand behind the velvet rope, grab some popcorn and get ready for lights, camera, Lilly!

We start off with our best act on July 25th… which is to pretend that Summer isn’t coming to an end.  We SET THE STAGE for Fall while extending Summer…  every last glorious second of summer… knowing that *le sigh*, you’ll be wearing a sweater over these outfits later.  But this delivery was built for that!  Colors are navy popped with kelly green & pink tomato and of course, sprinkled with florals. The prints and patterns start you on the yellow — scratch that — Pink [lip-glossed] road to Lilly land!

On August 25th THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE LILLY! One of our all time favorite classics, The Wizard of Oz, is the perfect theme for our big performance. Lions, monkeys, and Scottie dogs- love! (we’re not letting the scary, green witch into this performance)  Colors are extremely rich and lush with the glitz of gold that every performance demands. It is absolutely acceptable to play the part of the drama queen when you are decked out in these ladylike dresses. Look for a secret surprise in every print- critters and ruby slippers are hidden everywhere!

Well folks, show’s over.. now it’s time to party! September 25th is a CAST OF CHARACTERS. Every color, every print, every pattern, every chic style says, “please wear me & hold a cocktail in your hand.” Oh wait – not in the pick up line at school. (though in these prints everything you do feels like a party!)  These colors are easy to wear, fun, and flawlessly stylish.  There’s no place like Lilly for your performance and after-party!

Beth Meister

Posted on July 28th, 2011 at 5:04pm

When are the Sorority prints going to be available? Great if they were available for Rush this year!