Polo Perfect!

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POLOS. The perfect summer staple, they are a MUST in every closet…and Lilly has 5 fabulous styles in HOT summer colors that will make you look (& feel) COOL!  The question is, what’s the diff & which one’s for you??

1 & 2. The Chic Polo: This is our updated version of the traditional polo. We love this style because it is slightly longer (26½” to be exact!) and leaner, making it totally tuckable, thus CHIC! Another feature we love is the longer placket (that’s tech for “the place where the buttons are) with 4 enamel and gold buttons…it’s all in the details! Totally flattering but also functional thanks to the cotton/spandex blend which makes it super soft, comfy and stretchy!

3. Jet Set Polo Sleeveless: Does this polo come with a vacay? We wish it did…this polo is just a liiiittle sassy and we think it’s perfect for those living the jet set life (and those who aren’t). We removed the placket buttons to give a streamlined look and made it long enough for tucking (25¾”). Add a pair of Callahans or some Mitzie pants, and you have yourself a jet-set worthy outfit!

4. Chic Polo Sleeveless: Tired of tanlines? We chopped the sleeves off to keep you from getting that dreaded “farmer’s tan” and give you some breathing room to boot! Chic enough to transition from the golf course to the club house!

5. Resort Polo: The original. The resort polo has stood the test of time; comfy & cute, the resort polo pulls an outfit together in a cinch. We know it’s a staple in your wardrobe so we have eight colors to go with just about anything you have!  At 25”, it is the shortest of them all- the perfect length to ‘hang loose’ but still looks great when tucked!

And because these summer staples are so… well stapley, they’re almost sold out! Be sure to stock up in-store during your next visit!


Posted on July 21st, 2011 at 3:35pm

Resort polo for sure! Well, actually, shrunken, but that wasn’t a choice, was it? Not all of us are long and skinny, so please keep offering the wider and shorter polo. Especially as we get a little older, we tend to accumulate a little extra in the middle so more room works! :)