In the Guest House with Bettina Alonso of Oceana

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As we get closer & closer to our Hamptons Splash event, we thought it would be the perfect time to play host to Oceana’s Vice President for Global Development, Bettina Alonso.  Lilly prints are constantly inspired by the sea, sand & sun and we love the good work Oceana does to preserve our Lilly Lover’s playground! We also have a special place in our hearts for marine wildlife and even the gorgeous coral so many of them live in – what’s not to love?! (well maybe these- we don’t love them so much)  We’ve asked Bettina to fill us in on what Oceana is up to in hopes it will convince you to support them by coming to our event on July 30th!

What are the mission and goals of Oceana?

Oceana is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Our teams of scientists, lawyers, and economists advocate for specific and concrete policy changes on an international scale that tackle issues like pollution, and preventing the irreversible collapse of fish population, marine mammals, and key habitats. We have a track record of securing tangible victories for the oceans all around the world.

Why is Oceana coming to the Hamptons?

Oceana is hosting its second annual Hamptons Splash event in Southampton, NY at a private beachfront estate. We are thrilled to return and it is going to be incredible! Ted Danson, who is an Oceana board member and author of the new book Oceana, is hosting the VIP reception and the evening will conclude with a musical performance by The Honey Brothers, featuring Oceana Ambassador Adrian Grenier. Not only is the Hamptons a place that people associate with having fun in the sun, but it is also a community where people care deeply about the health of their oceans.

Why were you excited to partner with Lilly Pulitzer for this event?

We are so excited to partner with Lilly Pulitzer because we think they are a fantastic fit for our event. Their bright and colorful designs embrace everything that is so great about summer, and that makes them perfectly suited for Oceana’s event in the Hamptons. When you think of Lilly Pulitzer you think of fun in the sun and we want people to think the same about Oceana’s Hamptons Splash.

What will be some other highlights from Oceana’s evening in the Hamptons?

In addition to the hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and dancing, Ted Danson will take a moment to read from his new book Oceana and guests will be invited to participate in a seafood taste test, which will help showcase the issue of seafood fraud – an international problem currently being studied by Oceana.

Are tickets still available?

Yes! I encourage anyone who is interested to visit for more information about the event and to purchase tickets.

Why is this event so important? What exactly is wrong with our oceans?

As many more people are starting to realize, our oceans are at a crucial point. For instance, we’re overfishing the top of the food chain (Bluefin tuna, swordfish and sharks) using illegal and destructive methods and attacking the bottom of the food chain with things like ocean acidification. And that just scratches the surface! We’re putting the livelihoods of countless fishermen, our own health, and the status of endangered marine life at risk. Oceana exists to ensure these problems get fixed.

The Hamptons Splash, which Lilly Pulitzer has so graciously supported, plays an integral role in ensuring Oceana can fight these battles. Without support from events like Splash, Oceana wouldn’t have the resources needed to win these tangible victories.


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What an exciting and worthy event. I truly wish I could attend!

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