Favorite Prints Coming Back Around

Posted on July 19, 2011 in Inspiration by | 1 comment

We are just 2 weeks away from saying goodbye to our fav, fav, fav season and welcoming Fall (which is kinda a four letter word around here).  Though introducing a new season brings NEW, fresh, fun and of course, fashionable, prints, frocks and a longer list of Lilly faves, it also means saying goodbye to prints we’ve fallen in love with over the last few months. … *pausing for head hanging & tear dabbing* …

So… we looooooove when we can bring a few of your (and our!) favorite prints back around one more time for a final encore.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing these 4 prints, plus some other favs in new styles hit and our store floors!   And what’s more fun than Whitley showing up in Daiquiri Pink Floater??  – finding Whitley in Daiquiri Pink Floater!  That’s right.  It’s a bit of a scavenger hunt when these beauties ship- we kiss them goodbye and where they land, nobody knows! (OK well.. someone knows but if there’s ever a time when you “Let Lilly Find It”, now’s probably that time!)

We’ve prepared your scavenger hunt list for you. (you can thank us later)

1. Callahan Shorts in Multi Peel & Eat, Green Bean Daisy Darlin‘, Shorely Blue Pop Goes the Floral
2. Eryn Dress in Lilly’s Pink Lilet, Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias and True Navy Wrapping Stripe
3. Essie Shirtdress in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias
4. Cissy Skirt in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias, Shorely Blue Paint By Numbers, Multi Minnie Zinny & Classic White Let them Eat Cake (collect them all! )
5. Flor Dress in Hotty Pink Burnout
6. Whitley Skirt in Seaweed Green Daisy Darlin’, Daiquiri Pink Floater, Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias
7. Rosemary Dress in Daisy For You Eyelet
8. Walsh Shorts in Multi Rollin, Green Bean Daisy Darlin’
9. Whitaker Dress in Lagoon Green Summer Nights
10. Eliot Shirt in  Classic White Had Me a Blast

Let hunting commence!

Cindy Beard

Posted on July 19th, 2011 at 7:23pm

I have beena fan of Lilly Pulitzer for a long time. I have been collecting vintage pieces. We recently had our Arts Festival and I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses Its has fireflies in jars. When I got home I came from a bright light into the dark and to my amazement the fireflies glow in the dark. I am in my early 50′s and it was such a nice surprise. Then I bought a pair of capris at a second hand store and at the grocery store I find the cookies with the same pink elephant on the package. Thanks for all the fun patterns. Keep up the good work. I hope to go on line and pick whatever piece I want I just have to get the kids through college. Lilly remember us older fans and drop the hemlines a little. Thanks for the fun! Cindy