Operation Lilly Dorm Room

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Hello Lilly Lovers! This is JC again. Last week I had the pleasure of announcing our Garnet Hill Bedding Giveaway. (you have 1 WEEK left to enter!)

As I told you last week, I was determined to have a floor-to-ceiling Lilly dorm room when I went to UVA. And what’s the most important thing to make sure that happens??  A Lilly-Loving roommate! The hunt was on. Lucky for me I had help and friends set me up on a roommate-date. We met for the first time at the Upperville Grand Prix and when we first saw each other, we simultaneously shrieked: “I have your dress!” (need I clarify we were both in Lilly?) It wasn’t long into our “date” that I politely demanded we have matching Lilly bedspreads and she agreed, so long as we had the matching curtains…I knew we would get along just fine.  Phase 1 of  ‘Operation Lilly Dorm Room’ was complete!

I thought having a Lilly-loving partner-in-crime/roommate would make for a seamless transition into dorm life. However, on move in day, I was hit with the reality of a 10×10 box resembling a jail cell…concrete walls, lack of air conditioning and common use bathrooms that are um, well… gross. None of these features made Callie and I want to put up a sign that says ‘Home Sweet Home’. (hence my sign reminding me to “deal with it”) I almost had a panic attack when I learned I was going to have to SHARE a closet only 3 feet wide.

BUT, personalizing your room with Lilly can make all of these dorm disasters obsolete. Enter Phase 2-the decorating phase. Here are  some simple steps for a stunning study space…
Step 1: Dress your bed in a Lilly comforter and an obnoxious amount of over-sized pillows (at least 1 monogrammed one!).
Step 2: Accessorize! Think both small and big; everything from pink trinkets for your desk to large wall art. Huge wall monograms in pink, green or blue will turn any plain white wall into a statement. One of my favorite things in my dorm room was my fabric ‘headboard’. Hang a shower curtain up behind your bed to add some color and warmth to your walls! It makes SUCH a difference. (Bribe your dad and brother to do this on move in day while you and Mom work on the closet sitch!)
Step 3: Don’t forget the floors! A Lilly dorm room must-have? A pink (or green) shag rug. Color on the floors (and walls) will transform your whitewashed box into an adorable, totally livable habitat!
Coming home to a Lilly oasis makes everything better, even a bad grade on a Calculus test. (Trust me, I know this from experience)

Another benefit of having a Lilly room- your dorm will be the social epicenter. A nice perk for scoping out the cute boys downstairs. Side story of how I met one of my best friends at UVA: cute boy wandered by the hall and couldn’t help but notice the amazing, bright décor of Page Dorm Room 204. He wandered in, introduced himself and noticed that he had just been transported to Palm Beach. “Did you know that every Lilly print has her name hidden in it? he said” Instant friend. Page 204 was the hang out of choice for both the girls and the guys. Didn’t hurt that I always had some good snacks on hand!

I have used the same Lilly bedding and set up for three years now!  Now that I am moving into my 4th year apartment (*tear) and have the chance to decorate my college bedroom one final time, I turned to Garnet Hill for my bedding (c ya’ eBay!)  I called my mom the minute I saw the Heritage Floral Sateen bed set and told her we were redoing the entire apartment around the pattern. So this year if you happen to be at UVA on Rugby Road, look for the yellow house with a pink Mini parked outside. Come on in to have drinks in my Lilly wine glasses or some coffee in my Lilly mugs and see how fabulous my apartment turned out. And you can meet Lilly Pulitzer. My dog, of course!


Posted on June 24th, 2011 at 11:56am

Love it JC! I was lucky enough to have a Lilly-loving roomate my senior year at VT and we loved everything Garnet Hill had to offer! Our apartment was painted in lots of pretty pastels and was complete with a huge wall monogram (on my bright orange wall!) like you mentioned.

And even though I am a die-hard Hokie football fan, my family still likes to support the Cavaliers and some of our family friends on the team so we may be in Charlottesville in the fall, so of course I’ll have to stop by the Pink Palm there. :)