What’s Your Short Story?

Posted on June 23, 2011 in More Fun by | 3 comments

I’m an open book & I love storytelling so I figured since shorts are totally the ‘it’ item this summer, I’d tell you my short[s] story…

Sooo….I am a Walsh. What does that mean? Well the Walsh is the 3” inseam (aka the shortest). Walsh = sassy. I wear mine with our Resort Chic wedge and an off the shoulder top. Lots of blonde hair and double the jewelry. Hello shorts to a cocktail party!

Now…this may be POUR MOI, but we have short POUR VOUS, and VOUS and VOUS.

Are you a Callahan? This is our best selling short. It’s a 5” inseam and can be worn everywhere…all the time. Really, I love to see it dressed up for cocktails but it RULES as a day-in-day-out go-to short. There are about a million prints to choose from. TDF.

Are you a Buttercup? I kinda want to be a Buttercup just for the name. The Buttercup takes the 5” inseam of the Callahan and does something oh soooo Lilly…adds a SCALLOP. Hello – amazing.

Are you a Resort short? A 10” inseam gives you coverage and room to stretch those legs…while showing off some print. I will be annoyed at you if you insert ‘conservative’ here…the resort short is a classic and takes on a whole NEW level of chic when paired with heels, a printed top and 900 gold bangles- not 1 less.

Sooo, what’s your story?? We want to know. Send pics! xx – Janie

Dianna @ The Kitchen Prep

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 at 7:14pm

I love… LOVE… the Walsh shorts. In fact, I’ve visited them quite a few times already at the Lilly store and I don’t know how many more times I’ll be able to ignore their pleas to take them home with me. The only dilemma: Which print to choose? Oh heck, I might just have to take them all! Thanks for the very chic & educational comparison post! ;)


Alice Richardson

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 at 7:52pm

3 pair of Walsh’s and 2 to go…XXOO


Lisa Baar

Posted on June 24th, 2011 at 11:02am

Resorts, resorts, resorts…..I even wore them my last two weeks of teaching. They can be dressed up or down :o )