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Hi everyone! Summer has just shipped and I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes on how it all came to be. It’s a long one but preeety revealing (and funny!) Every season I start dreaming…what should the inspiration be? What colors do we want to be wearing? What do we want in the prints?!?!? What can we do that’s pretty…cheeky!?!?!?!

It was last year at this time that we started dreaming about Summer 2011. As we are celebrating Lilly Loves the Arts, Summer was planned to celebrate music and dance. Ummm, I am a huge dancer. Side note: Karen in our sweaters department just had to teach me how to Dougie. It’s a problem. Aaaaanyway… I have always loved music (right now I am listening to Pandora and have made my own Talking Heads station…awesome). I have a million and one stories about going to concerts, being obsessed with bands – I had a HUGE thing for John Taylor from Duran Duran in 6th grade. Doesn’t everyone have that ‘first concert’ story? Or the first slow dance with a boy? (Furman tennis camp. Madonna’s Crazy For You. Carter from Atlanta. Esprit dress.) So the print department wanted to get aaaalll the fun music stories from everyone in the Pink Palace so I sent the email below, COMPANY WIDE (it’s amazing sometimes that I don’t get fired) to get the real juice. And of course, it wouldn’t have been fair for me to ask for everyone’s music memories without giving my own…

From: Jane Schoenborn
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 3:58 PM
King of Prussia Staff Members
summer 2011

Warning! Smiling, happiness and the strong desire to shake your booty ahead!

As the print department starts to design summer 2011 prints we, as usual, need your help! Summer 11 is all about music…from the classical you hear while the fireworks go off (Handel) to the Coachella summer outdoor music festivals.

There are summer songs that are signals that good times are ahead! We all have favorites and we alllllll have music memories. Please please please take a second to answer our questions. Feel free to pick one and give us a good long answer. We want some insight (and giggles!)

1. What was your first concert?
2. Do you play an instrument? Was learning it torture!?!
3. What is your favorite band? Would you consider yourself a groupie?
4. The print studio is planning to REINVENT the ‘streaker’ print for summer 11, any ideas?!?!?!?!

We would never dig into your dark and racy past without sharing ours first, so here are my answers (terrifying! but may as well start with a zinger).

In the fall of 1990 I was a senior at a very very strict and no-fun boarding school in Massachusetts. By senior year I had broken every rule possible, at least twice. I was bored. One of my coolest friends had an older brother (crush!) that went to Trinity College in CT. He started sending us tapes of live shows from this band called Phish

My first show was at Amherst College Fall 1990. It was in this little auditorium – dark. Really loud. College boys everywhere. I was hooked!

It was impossible to get away from boarding school, but I found a way. Every Saturday we would drive to wherever Phish was playing. We started making t-shirts (hello fashion!) and selling them out of my trunk. Aaaaawesome!!!

That summer I graduated and moved to Newport, RI with my friends. I had a job (ice cream cart on second beach – Ben + Jerry’s!). I did not sell much ice cream, instead I traveled all summer with Phish. Was such a groupie! My dad had given me an old blue Datsun and my boyfriend and I painted it. I promise to find pics because they will make you wet your pants. There was a sun on the hood, dancing people on one side with quotes from the Doors, and a big purple dinosaur on the other side. I have noooo idea why.

My friends and I would pile into the painted Datsun and go to concerts all summer. Loved the car, only problem is that the keys were stuck in the ignition. So after concerts the car had usually been stolen and left someplace else. I painted my phone number on the car so the police knew where to call when they found it.

It was – clearly- the most fun ever.

I still to this day adore Phish, although I don’t have the time to go on tour. They are MY BAND!

I know that music brings people together (like Lilly!). Music makes you happy (like Lilly!). Music is something that holds memories (like Lilly!).

Clearly by the way this company got down at prom, music is in our bones! Please share, with us, your memories. Leave nothing out unless it is not fit to type, and then just come to the print studio and tell us the story : )

xx, the print team

Please giggle and and admit you want to come work here…! We got AMAZING and hysterical responses from all corners of the office. We WILL SHARE, but only if you share too. I expect Facebook posts. Tweets. Comments on this post- wherever you’re willing to share! And over the coming weeks we will be sharing some of the responses I got from WITHIN the Pink Palace…and I am now d-y-i-n-g to hear yours! Oh and if my “youthful indiscretion” friends locate said pictures, please don’t post on Facebook!

Love you too much… here’s to summer!

xx -Janie

Allison Whitney

Posted on May 5th, 2011 at 10:20am

Love the idea for prints for Summer 2011!!
I would have to say my first concert was the good old Backstreet Boys..Gotta Love them back in the day. I was obsessed! (I was a 1989 Baby!)
The instrument that I “use” to play was the clarinet in 6th grade the worst experience everrrr!! I will never want to re-live those memories when my band teacher tried to fail me because I broke my finger and couldn’t play a note for the life of me. Nevertheless, I passed but never picked up a instrument again! lol
I don’t have a favorite band per say but I love Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney & Jimmy Buffett (which I just got back from a few weeks ago in Tampa it was an amazing concert!)
I was a groupie though for about a few weeks with One Republic we went to a few concerts and met up with the band here and roomate actually dated the drummer for a little (kinda crazy I know!) but it didn’t last long!
P.S. Thanks again for picking Alpha Delta Pi for one of your new Sorority Prints! I am so excited to see what it will look like! I am a ADPi at Florida State University!
Good Luck with your Summer Collection! :)


Peter Quackenbos

Posted on May 5th, 2011 at 1:10pm

Great blog entry! Can the boys play too? My first great concert was Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead, Foxboro MA, 1987. I was in High School but the ages at the concert ranged from pre-teen to true hippy aged 50+. A sea of tie dye, smoke and… cross-generational good feelings I learned from my quasi-hipster Mom and her collection of vinyl albums. As a little boy I’d listen intently on the floor for hours. I can still smell the shag carpet. At the concert in ’87 I spent an hour solving the world’s problems with a college girl wearing not much more than an American flag and a top hat. It was among the last of the great 1960’s legacy tours and the accompanying peace, love and unity. Phish and their brethren carry the musical torch. Lilly supplies the flare! Hooray for Jane Schoenborn!