Lilly Flowers For Mom

Posted on May 3, 2011 in Inspiration by | Comment

1. Cherry Begonias 2. Blue Eyed Girl 3. Twirlers 4. Lilly Fields Forever

Flowers are a girl’s best friend, right? Oh no, wrong; diamonds are a girl’s best friend but we girls DO love flowers.  We love giving them, we certainly love getting them, some of us even like growing them but Lilly girls- well we love wearing them, of course!  And we happen to think that Lilly flowers, the kind you *ahem* wear, make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day.  And when I say think, I mean we actually sat down & made a list as to why we think the floral prints from our first Summer delivery make an unforgettable gift and will leave a lasting impression on Mom…

Top 5 Reasons Lilly flowers beat real flowers for Mother’s Day…

1. We’re preeety sure your mom won’t be allergic to these flowers
2. No annoying stamen stains (don’t you hate when that happens?!?)
3. Our flowers won’t wilt, drop petals all over the place & then die on you
4. No stinky flower water to toss or vase to clean afterwards
5. Your mom can enjoy our flowers for years and years to come (and think about you each and every time she wears them!)

We’re pretty convincing, right?  And forget about getting her that puppy that you she’s always wanted- go with Lilly flowers and you both win.

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