Lilly Celebrates Music… with Summer Style!

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As we hit our third season of Lilly Loves the Arts, we get to a crowd favorite. Get ready to SHAKE IT, sing along, and camp out for tickets…Summer 2011 is all about MUSIC AND DANCE. For Lilly Lovers, Summer is certainly the time to get a little loose. (wait…that may be all the time, oh well!)  From outdoor music festivals to fireworks exploding over crashing waves, Summer music makes us smile- just like wearing our Lilly does. We have all been thinking about the sound track for summer 11…might there be a little summer lovin’?…some beatles playing in the background?…how about a reggae festival? The theme is TURN IT UP!  Hot Fun in the Summertime and that means we are going to let the Lilly flag fly in classic styles dripping or swimming or dancing in color print and pattern.

We kick off summer with a delivery dubbed “Walking on Sunshine,” that is devoted to all of the contemporary music of…well…recently! Summer music is laid back and relaxed but filled with surprises. Color is happy (isn’t it always?!) with bright Summer pinks, greens and blues popping off of clean whites.  Summer is the time for white to take center stage- it allows all of our Lilly’s to look fresh and Summer snappy!

Hello Ocean! Hello Beach! and Hello Blues! This is a sneak peak of our late May delivery we’re calling “Under the Boardwalk” for reasons that are obvious and reasons we might not want our mother’s to know about. Just sayin’!  Hang in there another month when we unveil our shimmyy, shelliest prints that help celebrate the amazing months spent on the coast!

Summer debuts on this Thursday and hit stores the end of this week.  Make a point to stop in and see our greatest hits from our first delivery!


Posted on April 26th, 2011 at 8:32pm

Love the sunshine print!!!!