Printed Perfection

Posted on April 12, 2011 in Inspiration by | Comment

We know you love hearing the insider stories behind our prints and we love showcasing the amazing work our print designers do on a daily basis. (It’s not very Lilly-like to brag but this stuff is cooool!) Our latest delivery celebrates the fine art of block and stamp printing. And like all of our prints, these were created by hand… literally, down to the carved linoleum and wood blocks used in this technique that give these incredible prints a chic yet slightly imperfect look!

Check out the above creation of our Punch Pink Stamped print made by our beloved print designer, Rebecca! She spent all afternoon carving this layout. Can you spot the giraffes hidden in the leaves?? Flash forward from block carving, to print, to amazingly fun spring styles. Wear this art with a smile knowing so much love went into creating it for you!

And be sure to check out the Worth Blue Pressed print by Jeff and the Painter’s Block and Multi Rollin prints by Stacey.

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