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As if Grand Cayman wasn’t beautiful enough, Leslie Bergstrom, owner of The Cabana, still thought it was missing something- a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store! With the gorgeous backdrop of Grand Cayman, the bar was very high but Leslie hit the mark with her absolutely stunning store.  We’re excited to spotlight The Cabana on this week’s Store of the Week!

Location: On the Paseo, Camana Bay, Grand Cayman

Store Hours: 10:01 am – 6:59 pm or whenever the party ends!

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A little background… The Cabana at Camana Bay in Grand Cayman has been a little bright spot of sunshine for almost one fun-filled year! Owner Leslie Bergstrom, a long-time Lilly Lover originally from Wisconsin, is so proud to have the first international signature shop. Located in gorgeous Grand Cayman, The Cabana is dedicated to keeping Lilly fans, old and new, young and old, tourista and local, lookin’ fabulous and feelin’ fine!

Her Lilly story: I remember my glamorous grandma Jane wearing a classic shift with a scarf around her head and huge sunglasses…when she wasn’t hanging out poolside at the country club, she would drive around town in her trademark white Cadillac (she got a new model every year) and deliver donuts to the police station…it is ‘rumored that this simple gesture kept them from issuing traffic tickets to a certain ‘someone’ who was known for her lead foot as well as her dazzling smile! My great grandma wore the classic shift too…with a huge brooch on the shoulder. I thought they were the most elegant women in the world…I was probably 6! I’ve been a Lilly fan for as long as I can remember.

Their favorite product from the Spring ’11 delivery: A tie between pink printed wedgy espadrilles and little girls ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ dress!

She’s proud of her town! We are so lucky to be located in Camana Bay, Cayman’s newest shopping and entertainment area. It is such a chic and buzzy place and we’re right in the thick of things next to the amazing observation tower and across from the wine bar!

One of their favorite customer stories: A cute tourist lady and her mom came into the shop, excitedly looked around (tourists are always so thrilled to find a Lilly boutique in Cayman) and bought a few things…they mentioned that they were here with some family to plan her wedding which would happen in the summer. We had a great chat and talked about restaurants, photographers, all that jazz…two days later, they returned…she and her fiance had decided to get married in a couple days time in an impromptu beach ceremony. They literally whipped together a wedding! Mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids and flower girls all wore different but complementary dresses, jewelry and shoes from our shop. It was so beautiful; the flowers, the beach; everyone in the wedding was gorgeous.

Their store is unique because…we’ll pretty much do anything to make our customers happy and give them a great experience.

Did you know: We once built a cabana in an airplane hangar next to a learjet for a party celebrating the luxury island lifestyle. The Lilly print wedding cake on our huge dessert table was the hit of the party! VP Susan Hill came dressed completely from our shop and designer Abraham Cruz came in an unbelievable Lilly paisley tux jacket!!!

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