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In our Guest House series, we like to invite our fun and fashionable friends over [to the Colorful Blog] to tell you a little bit about themselves. Imagine us saying… “Oooohhh, you just have to meet ___! You’re gonna loooove her/him!” So today we’ve cozied up on the couch next to Cheree Berry, color-lover, fashion-forward entrepreneur and designer of some of Lilly Pulitzer’s Lifeguard Press stationery to spill… (and…um…give us a lollipop tower for one of readers! That was after we giggled for a bit but she caved- read on!)

A little about our guest:
Prior to launching Cheree Berry Paper, in January 2006, Berry worked for 4 years as the associate art director at Kate Spade, where she was in charge of the company’s wedding and personalized stationery lines. It was at Kate Spade where Berry fostered her love for stationery. Outside of work, she devoted her spare time designing wedding invitations for friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends… She began her career at Pentagram, a premier New York City design firm.

Though the bulk of the firm’s business is non-traditional wedding invitations, corporate clients include Stuart Weitzman, Jonathan Adler, Lilly Pulitzer, Lifeguard Press, Winslow’s General Store and Crane & Co.

Three words that rolled off her tongue when we said “Lilly Pulitzer
clever: The hidden details and clever copy embedded in the Lilly Pulitzer prints are so smart. At CBP, we love unexpected details.
spontaneous: Lilly lives such a fresh and unfussy lifestyle. It’s so inspiring.
candy-coated: Everything at Lilly is enticing. You want one of everything!

Where does someone who inspires us go for inspiration?
I am inspired by legendary graphic designers such as Paul Rand, Cipe Pineles and Tibor Kalman. I find inspiration on ebay and blogs such as and….. in Peter Callahan’s mini bites…. in Lilly Pulitzer’s personality packed prints… in vintage Valentine’s cards… in my niece’s drawings….in Toms charitable mission….in cocktail names …. in tile formations….

We know not everyone’s fav color combo is pink & green. So what’s yours??
I love a blend of warm and cool colors. I’ve always been a fan of coral and tiffany blue but not in equal parts.

Favorite fun stuff…
Favorite dessert: Oreo ice cream cake, my mom’s recipe. I insisted on having it as my bday cake when I was 5.
Favorite smell: Popcorn at the movies.
Favorite piece of clothing: My Virginia Johnson green elephant shawl. I tend to get cold often so I always have this article of clothing in arm’s reach, especially when traveling.

Why stationery? (I mean, we get it but we thought there might be a cute back story…)
I’ve always loved written correspondence. i credit my mom for encouraging me to write and mail notes for any old occasion, not just to say thank you. I remember getting letters from my grandma when I was in college and finding little notes in my suitcase from my mom when I was at camp – it was not just the message, but also their handwriting, that made me feel instantly in touch with each of them. I want to be a part of keeping personal correspondence alive.

Biggest Ta-da moment?
Being hired as the stationer for Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s wedding.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (No, it’s not a job interview but we wanted to know!)
Oh goodness. At this point, I can only see myself doing what I do now, graphic design, but doing it 10x better.

What’s your motto?
I’m not one for mottos but if I had one it would be, “Life is short, have no regrets.”

Tell us something fun we might not know about you.
I wrote and designed a pop-up book, “Hoorah for the Bra,” a pop-up book on the history of the brassiere. And I also chew and obscene amount of sugarless bubblegum.

Lilly’s all about stories and Cheree’s is as fun as they come but really- we’re also all about parties and pretty things so this is where it gets really fun…

Cheree has given us the opportunity to give one lucky Colorful Blog reader the chance to win a Cheree Berry Paper signature lollipop tower covered in a classic Lilly print!  Perfect for any Spring party!  Did someone say Lollipops?! Did someone say Party?!  These gorgeous lollipop towers, valued at $250, will make quite an impression with the other moms at a children’s party or…if you’re throwing the adults a party, turn these suckers upside down and they make quite a stirrer!  Sucker, stirrer- either way, they’re stunning!

Enter here to WIN!

Contest ends Wednesday, March 23rd at 4:00PM ET. A random winner will be selected and notified via e-mail. Winner will have until September 15, 2011 to redeem prize. See complete contest rules here.

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