Go Strapless for Spring!

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1. Blossom Dress in Classic White Daffies 2. Franco Dress Gingham 3. Patterson Dress Printed 4. Wyatt Dress Printed 5. Keetan Dress Printed 6. Franco Dress Engineered Dobby

What girl doesn’t love a strapless dress? You can be flirty, cute, sexy, chic, fun, stylish, and best of all- comfortable.

We have a strapless that not only fits your personality and event but also fits your shape. That’s right girls, this strapless stays up! NO tugging, just lots of laughing all through your perfect spring fling.

(A little chilly yet where you are?  We can help with that! Check out all these coordinating lovelies!)

In the Guest House with Jane and Liz of Shopafrolic

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Our house guests are hosting us next Tuesday, 9pm ET, for a Twitter Party – look for more details about it on Friday!

You know when you have friends that you adore but have a tiny, tiny (in a Lilly way not a stalker way) bit of jealousy for them? I mean, they just dress cool and they’re funny – everyone wants to be around them and hear what their take is on everything. Well, two prime examples of this for moi are my friends Jane Wagman and Liz Lange. They have effortless style, they are HILARIOUS…and they always make me feel like I am running with the cool crowd. Jane taught me the magic of spray tans and an excessive worship of costume jewelry. Liz gives golden advice and introduced me to her TDF friend Jonathan Adler. These girls run in the fast lane and they take Lilly along with them. We are SOOOO excited to do anything with them…ever. SO, it is a natural DUH that we would want them housed permanently in our GUEST HOUSE. Welcome girls – share your chic wisdom! xx  – Janie

Give us the lowdown – what is Shopafrolic and why will our readers absolutely adore you?
Liz & Jane: Shopafrolic is a site/newsletter dedicated exclusively to fashion and shopping. I started it in partnership with my chic sister.  First I wanted to help women look fab when they were pregnant and now I just want to help them look fab ALL the time!  So if you sign up at you get daily shopping advice from us! Every day we email you 3 items that we can’t live without (a fashion item, an accessory and a beauty item).  We tell you why we like it/how to wear it and we link you to the website where you can buy it.  We don’t always post things we both like and we will always tell you why. On Thursdays we have famous guest editors do the picking; everyone from Tory Burch to Nina Garcia!

Earmuffs, Jane. Liz- what is it really like working with your sister??
Liz: Working with my sister is truly a dream come true (Jane – you can take off the earmuffs!) I actually asked her to be my partner back in the day when I started Liz Lange Maternity. She is the ONLY person whose taste I trust, the only person I can go shopping with… and she’s my best friend. As a matter of fact, we just got back from a trip to Paris together, one of the best shopping cities in the world!

What inspires your style? Any inspiration on your latest trip to Paris?
Liz: I would describe my style as being very upper east side chic (if I do say so myself!). Though I love to wear mini lengths and sky high heels, the silhouettes I choose to make my uniform are fairly classic: shift dresses, A-line skirts, slim pants, simple sweaters, fun blouses, trench coats, cardigans and pea jackets. No chunky platforms for me! That said, I do LOVE color (that’s what draws me to Lilly!!)

Jane: Liz is so consistent in her style while I can go a bunch of different ways – sometimes I like to be upper east side chic as well but I will usually throw in something unexpected like pink pumps or a huge vintage red lacquer cuff or a colored fur coat. I always like to look a tiny bit like I just escaped from the insane asylum. To me, like decorating, fashion is super fun and if you are not experimenting and taking risks, there’s no point! I’m sure I make fashion mistakes (or maybe not) but I don’t care!  And Paris was amazing. There were so many little boutiques of lesser known names. Liz and I wandered into an amazing shoe store called Minelli where every pair of shoes were under $100 and so uber chic. We both walked out with bugling shopping bags.

Surely your mom introduced you to Lilly at a young age – what’s your earliest memory of Lilly Pulitzer?
Liz: One of our mom’s favorite vacation destinations is Palm Beach (today we love taking our children there too) and when I think of mom back then, it is in a Lilly dress and Jack Roger “Navajos.”  She loves classic American brands.

Jane: Our mother always made us dress up. When I look at pictures of Liz and I as children on sunny family vacations, we were always matching; Lilly or Florence Eismann dresses with white cardigans and mary janes.

Do you don Lilly now? When/where do you tend to wear your Lilly?
Liz: I am in awe of Lilly these days! I have some vintage Lilly; particularly an original blouse in a kelly green print which I pair back to white jeans as well as more current Lilly dresses than I care to admit to! For warmth in Paris I took two Lilly cashmere ruffle wraps with me, one black and one red.  These days, Lilly is a family affair as I have been buying it for my 10 year old daughter since she was a baby!

Jane: I live very near the Lilly store on Madison Avenue. I am always stopping dead in my tracks to admire the new items in the window (and inside). I love how Janie and the entire Lilly team have maintained the integrity of the original Lilly sensibility while making it modern. It is so wearable for every age from infant to grandma. I don’t know any other brand that can say that. You always hear “mommy and me” but “Grammy and me”!?! I wear a ton of Lilly in the summer-my absolute favorite shorts are Lilly. I can’t get enough of the cute patterns- I love it all!

Any parting last words for our Lilly Lovers?
Jane & Liz: Even if for some crazy reason you are not a print/pattern type of girl and an iconic Lilly print is not for you, (how can that be???) today Lilly has gone beyond their signature prints. You can find the best shapes in fun solid colors and even in black. And I love the accessories, particularly the adorable flats and sandals and the great bags from clutches to totes.

You can find Jane & Liz shopafrolic-ing online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Hot to Trot

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Hot to Trot is a print that will go the distance this season. It’s post time for our horse race season celebration and what better way to tip your hat to Lilly than by gracing the grandstands in this thorough-ly fabulous print?!?

This print was created by designer Stacey Novelli. Surely she had visions of thoroughbreds running the steeplechase or a colt bolting out of the chute at the starting bell but she admitted that she maaaaay have been subliminally influenced by her two year old’s obsession with the princess-rescuing white stallions in her collection of Disney movies.  Maaaaybe….

Either way, you can bet on this print to be a winner!

Find it here in the Franco Dress or the Classic Shift.

Store of the Week – The Cabana

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As if Grand Cayman wasn’t beautiful enough, Leslie Bergstrom, owner of The Cabana, still thought it was missing something- a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store! With the gorgeous backdrop of Grand Cayman, the bar was very high but Leslie hit the mark with her absolutely stunning store.  We’re excited to spotlight The Cabana on this week’s Store of the Week!

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Rushing into Spring

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Whether you’re going headlong into sorority rush or coming out the other side proudly wearing your new letters, showing your sorority spirit is always a blast! We’re a little biased, but we think Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, and Delta Zeta have the most fun showing their spirit. And picking a sorority based on whether or not they have a Lilly Pulitzer signature print would just be… well… silly, but if you did, we’d understand.

Stay tuned for some sorority announcements in the near future but in the meantime, show your Lilly Love by sending us an e-mail at to tell us why your sorority won’t be complete without a Lilly print! We’re counting…  xx

In the Guest House with Philip Courtney

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As our readers know, 2011 is all about celebrating the arts here at Lilly Pulitzer.  So it makes perfect sense that one of our choice philanthropic partners for 2011 would be Urban Arts Partnership.  We’re very excited to have Philip Courtney, Executive Director, with us in the Guest House today.  We’ve asked him to tell us a little bit about Urban Arts Partnership and give us a peek into some of the exciting programs they have planned this year.

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Lilly Lace Jacquard

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We love sharing the stories behind our prints- there’s always something interesting to tell. (though they often speak for themselves!)  Today, we wanted to share something new- the story behind one of our favorite patterns – the Lilly Lace Jacquard.

Lilly always trimmed her shifts in lace and it is sooooo iconic. Of course we wanted to take that iconic lace and put it on… everything!  So we used it as a pattern to weave right into the fabric- even our bright, happy solids are literally, embedded in Lilly history!  Now, even when you decide to go solid, you are still making an oh-so-very Lilly statement.

Check out our Spring dresses that feature this feminine pattern in a structured jacquard (and you know we LOVE it in every color!)  Don’t forget to ZOOM IN!

Blossom Dress
Fitch Shift
Adelson Shift
Jacqueline Dress

Store of the Week – Mint Julep and Pink

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We’re celebrating our last set of Carolina Cup stores this week- Mint Julep and Pink.  If you haven’t gotten your Carolina Cup dress you surely should soon and who better to help then the fine staff at either of these stores. They’ll make sure you’re looking fabulous on Saturday, April 2nd!  Here they are to share a little bit about themselves & their shop!

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Impressionism Lilly Pulitzer Style

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Our print feature this week focuses on Lilet. This favorite soft and feminine print is part of our Impressionism delivery and was inspired by Monet and his work’s characteristic small & visible brush strokes. If Lilly lived back then, surely they’d call her “Lilet.” [Li-lay for those of you who aren’t following along] And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that a little Lillet may have influenced this print as well. After all, what are you sipping while painting and being influenced by french impressionistic art?! After one glass, everything has a dewey glow!

Oooh… this one’s pretty…. And the details on this are to die for! Casual + pretty = this!

She’s Packing for Paradise!

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Since today is all about celebrating the luck of the Irish, we really wanted to share the luck of our [Irish] customer, Kelley!  She was one of our lucky “Pack for Paradise” winners this year and she shared this picture of herself shopping at the Lilly Pulitzer Domain store in Austin, Texas where she entered to win!

Kelley and her family will be vacationing at the new luxury resort, Balcones Del Atlantico in the Dominican Republic.  (Pause for a mental vacation now by viewing these amazing pictures)  Now don’t be jealous of Mrs. Kelley- she has to deal with all the stress of what to pack!  Here’s what she told us she’s planning to pack right now…

“I will definitely be packing my pink Lilly polo and some flower shorts! Yesterday I looked at the knit dresses so they won’t wrinkle. I love happy flowery pants/capris – so who knows. I will mostly take swimsuits, flip flops, sun glasses and some resort wear to wear to dinner – and of course, sun screen!” Sounds like Kelley has all the important stuff sorted out. Now she just has to book those plane tickets with our friends at Jet Blue!

Want to test your own Luck of the Irish? Enter March’s Pack for Paradise now- it could be your lucky day!