Store of the Week – The Pink Pineapple

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Week 4 of Store of the Week is The Pink Pineapple in Fort Myers, Florida.  Our third week featuring a Florida store- I think it’s clear our minds are on warmer weather!

Owners: Debbie Koch and her husband Delivery Doug. (as you all know him!)  Tori Bratt is the ever-present store manager that’s been with The Pink Pineapple since opening day.

Location: 5100 Daniels Parkway # 500, Fort Myers, FL
Call us! 239-415-PINK

Store Hours: Mon – Sat. 10 – 6,  Sun. 12 -5

Find them on Facebook or e-mail them:

Their Lilly Story: Debbie and daughter Brooke were hooked on Lilly before Lilly became LILLY COOL…  There was a time when Lilly was hard to find. On a whim, Debbie contacted Lilly and inquired about being a Lilly signature store- that’s when the fun began! Six months later, in May of 2006,  The Pink Pineapple opened its doors with bright color and sunshine happiness in every nook and cranny of the store for all the Fort Myers Lilly Lovers just like Debbie and Brooke.

Their favorite product from the Spring’ 11 delivery: The Chloe Dress Printed In Hotty Pink First Impression. Delivery expected around March 1st. Drop dead DARLING is the only way to explain it!

They’re proud of their town: Fort Myers is Spring Training home to the Twins and The Red Sox. There is always a Red Sox or Twins mom, wife or girlfriend coming to see the newest Lilly and talk baseball with Tori.  And did you know that Fort Myers is a big spring break town with some of the most gorgeous beaches in Southwest Florida?  Well now you do! (come visit!)

The Pink Pineapple is unique because… Our staff just knows how to have fun… Between fashion shows and store promotions, especially during the winter season, there is always something happening here!

Be sure to visit Debbie, Doug, Brooke and Tori – maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of some baseball all-stars shopping with their better halves!


Posted on March 11th, 2011 at 10:23am

I love the Pink Pineapple! My parents live in Ft Myers and we go visit every spring break. In fact, we are headed down there on March 15th…Pink Pineapple, here I come!



Posted on August 21st, 2012 at 7:47pm

I will never shop at Pink Pineapple Ft Myers again. The blonde sales lady was incredibly rude and would not let my 2 year old daughter use the restroom because “she may touch something” in the back. I have shopped here several times in the past but will now buy my Lilly online instead. I have several friends who have had similar experiences and have stopped supporting this store.



Posted on November 26th, 2012 at 7:55pm

Tried to come to this store a three days ago after someone mentioned they sell Lilly Pulitzer.
Originally I tried to call them, the phone was not answered, and I did not have an option to “leave a message” because the voice mail box was “full.”

Unfortunately they also close at 6 o’clock all week long and it’s very inconvenient for the people who have an eight hour day job. A suggestion may be closing just an hour later- at 7pm. This would help a lot of customers, so some of us have time to get there right off work.
It is also very difficult to find the store hours so I made the mistake to drive directly from work to this store at 6:30 three days ago. If it were not for this blog, it would be nearly impossible to find the store hours online at all, and it’s unfortunate that I did not happen to run into this blog sooner before making my trip.
I was pretty frustrated. I’d say shopping online for Lilly Pulitzer is the better way to go, if that’s how inconvenient -trying- to shop at this store for some people can be.



Posted on November 27th, 2012 at 1:45pm

I have had nothing but bad experiences at this store. The staff are incredibly rude and unfriendly. After my first experience, I thought maybe it was just a bad day and I would give them another try. Upon returning, there was a different associate working and she didn’t act any differently than the past associate. I have been back a couple times, but have since decided that I will not be returning. The associates are all unfriendly, act as if they’re better than anyone who walks through the door, and are unwilling to help their clients. I’m truly surprised that anyone would want to shop at this boutique.


Annie M

Posted on July 3rd, 2014 at 8:03pm

I shop Pink Pineapple every winter while in Fort Myers. Have only been to the Bell Tower store. The employees are extremely friendly and accommodating. I look forward to seeing them every year. Cannot believe some of the comments. I shop a lot in Fort Myers and this is one of my favorite stores. Check it out!