Pack for President’s Day!

Posted on February 17, 2011 in More Fun by | Comment

If you’re lucky enough not to have lost your President’s Day weekend to the deep south deep freeze, the east coast snowpocalypse or the midwest’s shovelmania 2011 then you’re… well… lucky! And if you are planning to get away from the oh-my-gosh-why-are-you-still-here snow mountains than we’re just jeal-ous.  You clearly have the “if spring won’t come to me, I will go and find it” attitude and you KNOW we admire that!  And since we don’t think you’ll be able to fit one of us in your suitcase, we’ll settle for having you pack some pretties from our Spring line!

Line 1: Main Line Jean, Palmer Polo, Sandal, Seaspray Halter Top & Surfs Up Bottom, Kiki Dress

Line 2: Foxi One Piece, Callahan Short, Kerr Tank, Savana Shawl, Espadrille, Maci Dress, Wedge

Line 3: Petula Dress, Espadrille

I’ve heard some girls around the office say that if it hits 65 degrees on Saturday they’re going to lay that beach towel down in the yard and soak up the rays.  See?  We have the right attitude- just not the plane ticket!

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