Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Giveaway

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Yes, it’s true, we do have a crush on Jonathan Adler. His love and appreciation for bold, beautiful, “kaleidoscopic” colors fits perfectly into our world of print and pattern. He will never limit himself to boring color palettes and neither will we!

We were so honored when he mentioned Lilly Pulitzer in his new book “Happy Chic-Colors” and even more smitten when he signed TWO copies and delivered them to us. Although we would love to hold on to these treasures forever we thought it would be more fun to share them with you!

Simply fill out this entry form and you’ll be entered to win! Two winners will be chosen at random next Tuesday, March 8th at 4:00ET and contacted via e-mail (be sure to provide that in the entry form).

For complete contest rules, click here…

Store of the Week – The Pink Pineapple

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Week 4 of Store of the Week is The Pink Pineapple in Fort Myers, Florida.  Our third week featuring a Florida store- I think it’s clear our minds are on warmer weather!

Owners: Debbie Koch and her husband Delivery Doug. (as you all know him!)  Tori Bratt is the ever-present store manager that’s been with The Pink Pineapple since opening day.

Location: 5100 Daniels Parkway # 500, Fort Myers, FL
Call us! 239-415-PINK

Store Hours: Mon – Sat. 10 – 6,  Sun. 12 -5

Find them on Facebook or e-mail them:

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Ardmore Store Grand Opening Treasure Hunt

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Earlier today we put you up to the challenge of naming some of our most favorite prints for Spring- any luck? Hope so! Now that your seeking skills are sharpened, we thought we’d throw another fun challenge your way!

These colorful bits shown above were taken during the build out of the highly anticipated, much talked about, polished and practically perfect NEW ARDMORE LILLY PULITZER RETAIL STORE! (can you tell we’re excited?!) We guarantee a visit to this jewel box of a location will have you lingering for hours. Around each corner is a vivid surprise – the décor is equally as exciting as the Spring Collection!

And now for your challenge…. print these numbered swatches and bring them with you to the Ardmore Store located at 25 Coulter Avenue Ardmore, PA 19003. Take your time and examine every wall, corner and dressing room (don’t forget the bathroom- that’s a hint!) Identify all 8 details and win a $25.00 gift card. How fun is that?! A true treasure hunt with a reward you can put to instant use!  Good Luck!

(This delightful treasure hunt ends when the 10th person has received their bounty! Ask the Store Manager for details- but not help!)

Name the Lilly Pulitzer Spring Prints!

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As fun as Lilly Pulitzer prints are all by themselves, the names of the prints are often just as cute and talked about.  Boy oh boy are our designers clever!  We thought we’d put you to the test this Friday and see if you knew the names of some of our favorite spring prints that celebrate fine art.  And as if that wasn’t fun enough, we’re turning it into a contest!  Here is how it will work:

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Calendar Girl- A Spring Favorite Print!

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In the time it takes to button, zip or snap, wearing a Lilly can turn a ho-hum day into an I-know-I’m-going-to-remember-this-forever kinda day.  Calendar Girl is a print that embodies that idea- a year full of special dates and meaningful moments- all in one adorable and collection-worthy print!  We are absolutely in love with Calendar Girl- and we’ve heard you are too!  That couldn’t make us, and the fabulous print designer Paige, who was the brainchild behind this print, any happier!

What are some of the fun things that make this print your fav?  Is it October’s witch on a broom with her tag-a-long cat Fifi? Or maybe it’s January’s resort-ready luggage stack surrounded by palm trees. I’m partial to April’s wellie wearing gal because we share our birthday month. Perhaps it’s the more hidden gems that make this print special.  Finding the Lilly sent me on a treasure hunt- not so easy to find in this one!  And I also went on a treasure hunt — all the way down to the print design studio — to find an answer to the pink calendar dates mystery.  Paige explained that each date highlighted in pink is a print designer’s birthday! How fun! They threw in some extra special days that she didn’t reveal- after all, don’t we girls have to keep some things a mystery?

We encourage you to make this print your own- and some of you have already done that!  From embroidered birthdays on your dresses to Sharpied circles on your totes, we love that you’re making 2011 a special year with Lilly!  This fav is selling fast so head in stores now to find yours!   xx

Lilly, Lilly, All Around

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Market Bags, iPhone Covers, iPad Covers, Netbook/iPad Sleeves, Beach Coolers, Oh my!

If Lilly Pulitzer put out an album once every 2 years, we just KNOW you would camp out for it, right?  Well we’re not much for crooning and we’ll stick to the arts we know [print design!], but the anticipation we’ve had for our Spring launch of stationary and gifts has been ah-ah-ah-amazing!!  I mean, what’s a cell phone carrying, iPad using, tailgate going, party throwing, grocery shopping, letter writing, coffee drinking Lilly lover to do?? Choose plain? Oh no you didn’t.  And you don’t have to.  xx

Store of the Week – C. Orrico Delray Beach

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Week 3 of Store of the Week features another C. Orrico location- this time Delray Beach! We knew the Orrico sisters were all about fashion & fun but who knew they were real estate masters too?!  Masters or not, they clearly know the basics;  location, location, location. Their beautiful Delray Beach shop is just 1 block from the beach, right on Atlantic Avenue!  Be sure to stop in and say hello (even if you’re coming right off the beach- they’ll forgive you for tracking in sand- they’re used to it!)

“There’s a certain kind of classic Floridian: sun, sea, sports and a no fuss, no muss attitude towards beauty. That kind of Florida exists in Delray Beach, home of the Nomad Surf Shop, Golf Road, major stables and more tennis courts than can be imagned, and that kind of woman understands the versatility Lilly Pulitzer provides.
It’s the same reason C. Orrico opened their Delray store a block from the Atlantic Ocean, walking distance to the reggae at Boston’s and just over the bridge from the Arts District. The sisters Orrico understand active lifestyles, late night tete-a-tetes, prep sports events, dinner parties – and the need to navigate them all with ease.
Reach for sea blues, fuschia and pink, citrus shades and myriad greens… Happy clothes for joyous people on the go! One stop shopping right near the beach. Whatever Lilly Lovers need – and a chance to kick off your McKim sandals to feel the sand between your toes!”

Location: 1218 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33483

Store Hours: Monday – Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-6

Find them online: Website :: Facebook

Pack for President’s Day!

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If you’re lucky enough not to have lost your President’s Day weekend to the deep south deep freeze, the east coast snowpocalypse or the midwest’s shovelmania 2011 then you’re… well… lucky! And if you are planning to get away from the oh-my-gosh-why-are-you-still-here snow mountains than we’re just jeal-ous.  You clearly have the “if spring won’t come to me, I will go and find it” attitude and you KNOW we admire that!  And since we don’t think you’ll be able to fit one of us in your suitcase, we’ll settle for having you pack some pretties from our Spring line!

Line 1: Main Line Jean, Palmer Polo, Sandal, Seaspray Halter Top & Surfs Up Bottom, Kiki Dress

Line 2: Foxi One Piece, Callahan Short, Kerr Tank, Savana Shawl, Espadrille, Maci Dress, Wedge

Line 3: Petula Dress, Espadrille

I’ve heard some girls around the office say that if it hits 65 degrees on Saturday they’re going to lay that beach towel down in the yard and soak up the rays.  See?  We have the right attitude- just not the plane ticket!

Spring 2011 Catalog – We’d Love Your Feedback!

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Ahhhh SPRING! Just saying the word makes me smile…really big! Something else that makes me smile is our spring catalog – which has been popping up in mailboxes across the country…hopefully yours is one of them (fingers crossed). Well, what do you think?! I surely hope you have fallen as hard as we have here at Lilly Pulitzer HQ. From the photo shoot to the printing press, catalogs are truly a work in progress for many, many months. When I get to hold one in my hand, feel the paper and flip the pages – I can honestly say that after witnessing the process from start to finish, it is the BEST feeling in the world! Here are some photos from our photo shoot so you, too, can get a peek at this project as it has evolved to the book you have (I hope) on your coffee table!

A little birdie told us here at the Pink Palace that you are, indeed, as ready for spring as we are and have already stopped in to a Lilly store near you to buy your favorites from the spring line (or maybe even put in an order for something that has not quite yet arrived). But, we don’t just want to listen to a little birdie. We want to hear it from YOU because you matter most. Please take a moment to fill out our survey and tell us what you think when you flip the pages…we are going to stick to our mantra here and let you know that we believe “too much is never enough” when it comes to feedback. We have heard over the years that Lilly fans love to hold on to their catalog for years to come and we want this tradition to continue…well, FOREVER. So, let us know your thoughts (you could win 1 of 2 small prizes!) – we CANNOT wait to hear from you!

Click here to go to our survey!

See sweepstakes rules here.

It’s back! The Lilly Pulitzer Search for Summer 2011 Design Interns!

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Do you dream of hemlines and Lilly lace? Do you sketch animals and flowers in your margins during class lectures? If you answered yes and you LOVE Lilly, we may just have the internship of your DREAMS!

We are once again looking for a few of our faithful fans and Lilly lovers to potentially round out our summer design intern class of 2011. We are offering a lucky designer the chance to interview at our King of Prussia Offices for a summer internship position where you would get a chance to work with the ever talented fashion design or print design department at Lilly Pulitzer helping to influence upcoming seasons and gaining invaluable design experience!

In order to apply for a Fashion Design Internship, here is what you will need:

A resume and cover letter
Electronic examples of your work
Three-five illustrations focusing on sweaters, dresses, sportswear and/or accessories & footwear you feel we should offer in the Lilly Pulitzer collection.
These illustrations should be hand drawn and have a sense of color and print appropriate for Lilly Pulitzer®.
We will be looking at your ability to draw, your sense of style and your flow and vision for the brand.

In order to apply for a Print Design Internship, here is what you will need:

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