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Lilly Pulitzer NY Showroom Welcomes The Young Women’s Leadership School

The Lilly Pulitzer showroom welcomed a fantastic group of young women to explore a “day in the life of” hands on career session. From sales, to marketing, to merchandising and even interning, the girls got an inside look on how the world of fashion functions 21 stories above the busting “Fashion Avenue” in New York City. TYWLS ( The Young Women’s Leadership School) , is a all female, grades 6-12 public school located in East Harlem, that educates women on becoming the next emerging leaders in society through dynamic and hands on learning experiences. Career and college prep is an excellent program that the school provides to equip the girls with the necessary tools to start planning for their futures at an early age.

We kicked off the morning with the Lilly Story and watched the Retrospective and Summer 2011 collection videos so the girls were able to get an idea of the Lilly lifestyle. Heather Adams, director of sales and Joanna Lee, Merchandising director, gave the girls a lesson in sales and merchandising, and Molly Scudder and Sommer Haynes led a market style appointment in which they presented the Summer 2011 line as if the girls were “buyers” from major department stores. After a little round table discussion about fashion, careers and women’s roles in the workplace, we quickly learned we had a diverse group of ladies who wanted to be designers, graphic artists, doctors and even a chemical engineer! We exchanged tips about first jobs, college choices and even a little “academic soul searching” to help share how our experiences in the field led us to where are currently are.

The girls were then put to work! Each young lady was paired up with a LP girl and they had hands on experience to design in store signage, create an event for our Madison Avenue store, calculate sales trends and even assist in choosing items to place in an order. At the end of the day, the girls were able to share with the group what they had learned in their break out session, and let’s just say we had the next VP of Marketing and Sales amongst us! It was so refreshing to be amongst a group of ambitious, driven and hopeful young women who believe there is nothing they cannot do. It put warmth in our hearts on such a cold day, and we all embraced in the inner 15 year old girl that still is inside of us. We LOVED having the inspiring women of the TWYLS visit us, and we hope we have encouraged the girls to think the unimaginable, set goals and to paint the town pink and green!

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